Screw It, Inside Out is a 10

Inside Out

Now that I’ve seen Inside Out a second time, I can honestly say without question that it ranks among Pixar’s finest achievements. As such, I have decided to once again go against my own protocol and tweak my review of it. I already wrote something of an apology about it, but I initially gave Inside Out a score of 9.0. A mighty hefty score, and one that most movies should be more than proud to bear.

"We all make mistakes. The important thing is that we learn from them."
“We all make mistakes. The important thing is that we learn from them.”

But Inside Out deserves better. Why? Because it has etched its way into my imagination in a way so few movies have. The last movie I saw that had a similar impact on me would be Frozen, which I would give a perfect 10 without question. This follows a trend set by Spirited Away, which completely enchanted me more than any film and continues to do so to this day. Inside Out has had a similar impact on me, and I find I can’t get it out of my head in the best way. It’s so creative, and so smart, and so beautiful that I just can’t compliment it enough.

So why was I hesitant to give it a perfect score to begin with? There probably is no good answer. Perhaps it’s because I got to see it a few weeks before it was released, and thought it would be cool to review it ASAP without properly soaking it in like a wonderful sponge to quality filmmaking. Or perhaps, because I saw it early, I didn’t want to appear overzealous just because I saw an awesome movie before most people (this is, of course, really freaking stupid). The point is, there are only a few movies – like Frozen or Spirited Away – that I felt were perfect 10s immediately after seeing them. Inside Out should have been one of them. But for whatever dumb reason, it wasn’t. So I gave it an excellent but lower-than-deserved score of a 9.0.

I rushed into things I suppose. Although I decided to up the score to a 9.5 previously, and stated that I would not alter it anymore, I’ve already eaten my words. After seeing Inside Out for the second time, I appreciated it even more. Everything I loved the first time around I loved all the more, and I even gained an appreciation for things I didn’t even think of the first time I saw it.

"But if we change the score, people might think we're wishy-washy!"
“But if we change the score, people might think we’re wishy-washy!”

The point is, as far as I’m concerned, Inside Out is a rare 10 out of 10. I must repeat that, normally, I would not think to alter a review or even the score I write for something (unless it’s to fix spelling and grammatical errors, of which I’m sure there are countless). But with the way Inside Out has captured my imagination, that 9.0 simply wasn’t doing justice to how I feel about it on either a personal or objective level. Now that I’ve seen it a second time, it even puts up an argument against The Incredibles and Toy Story 2 (yes, 2. Not 3, 2!) as my favorite Pixar movie.

As stated before, I didn’t even feel my initial review pointed out any notable flaw. The best I could come up with was “some scenes aren’t quite as good as others.” And, well, that’s a load of bull. If it’s all good why should it matter if some of the good isn’t quite as good as its best? I was clearly just nitpicking in the worst way.

"Damn those numbers to hell!"
“Damn those numbers to hell!”

I have now altered my review ever so slightly, to more emphasize those nitpicky moments as entirely inconsequential. Hopefully no one thinks any less of me for tweaking a previously written review, but this, I feel, is a very special case. Now that I’ve edited the review (twice!) to better justify my ever-growing appreciation for Inside Out, I have to point out that it’s the first animated film I’ve officially labelled with a perfect 10 on this site. It might seem kind of lame for my first animated 10 (on this site) to be retroactive, but it’s not as lame as giving a 9.0 to a movie deserving of a 10 out of some misguided pretentiousness.

I will make a note from now on, however, to no longer alter my reviews or scoring. Let them be, as it were, whether I continue to agree with them or not. But maybe this is a sign that I – and everyone else – should stop taking number scores so seriously. Of course, if I’m now giving extra attention to not alter any additional scores, does that mean I am taking them more seriously? conundrums.

Anyway, the important thing is I’ve fallen in love with Inside Out, and am sure to continue gushing over it in many, many more blogs. I may not have given it its due the first time around, but better late than never. You can now read my review of Inside Out, as it should have been written to begin with.

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