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Super Mario Maker


I already wrote a quick bit on my first batch of Mario Maker levels, but I’d thought I’d write a little more about them, plus the additional stages I’ve made since then.


1: Great Scarier Reef (F27B-0000-001C-C0D7)

Great Scarier Reef was my first Mario Maker level, and is one of those “swim through a cage of spikes” type of levels. I created this level on the day of the game’s release, so I was unaware that this type of stage would become such a frequent sub-genre of level, otherwise I might not have made it.

Mine differs slightly from most such levels I’ve ended up playing though, since I wanted it all to take place on a single screen. It uses the original Super Mario Bros. theme, and you’re supposed to play as Mega Man (though it’s easy to lose the single costume provided). The idea behind the level was taking those segments from the old Mega Man titles where the Blue Bomber would fall through a series of spikes, and avoiding them on the way down, and reversing it. So instead you have to go upward (by swimming), and eventually working your way down to the flagpole.

It also uses the heartbeat sound effect throughout its entirety, which I like to think adds to its overall tension.


2: Mega Man on a Mission (2C78-0000-0031-45D4)

Another Mega Man themed level using the Super Mario Bros. theme. This one is simply based on the Mega Man segments where you had to jump on one tiny platform after another, though I threw in some cramped corners and enemies for a little variety. I admit I probably could have done this one better, but it’s still a simple but tough little platforming stage.


3: Showdown in the Clouds (5A4E-0000-0033-B42F)

My first stage using the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme. This level is just a gauntlet of boss fights. I tried my best to make them mandatory (since Mario Maker’s lack of forced boss fights is one of its few drawbacks), but the level ended up being frustratingly difficult to the point of not being fun. I had to go back and edit it a few times, and unfortunately some of the boss fights can only be fought halfway and then skipped. This is a concept I might go back to, but if you enjoy boss fights you may want to give it a shot.


4: Bowser Jr’s Wild Ride (E32C-0000-0034-1DF4)

This is a really simple “keep running” style of platformer, where you simply have to keep your momentum as you make some jumps and avoid some obstacles. It uses the Super Mario Bros. theme, and you play as Bowser Jr. It’s a stage that I like to go back to and play myself, though it is really simple.


5: The Tingle Zone (C190-0000-0035-E891)

Here I took the simple “keep running” style from Bowser Jrs’ Wild Ride, but made it more extravagant and a whole lot wackier. It still uses the Super Mario Bros. theme (it’s the only one with the character costumes), but this time you play as Tingle.

Though it uses a similar setup as the Bowser Jr. stage, I added in a lot more challenging platforming and obstacles, not too mention a purposefully excessive amount of the game’s sound/visual effects to add a dose of surrealism to it.

It’s simple, and maybe not a great level to a lot of people, but it’s one where I felt I did everything I wanted to do with it.


6: Weighted Companion P-Switch (63AE-0000-003A-1ED5)

For some reason, it wasn’t until my sixth level that I finally used the Super Mario World theme. As it’s title suggests, it’s somewhat of a spoof on the Weighted Companion Cube of the Portal series.

I actually feel this is something of a spoiler, given the nature of the level, so if you want to play it and just experience it don’t read any more of this paragraph. One of the ideas behind this level was rewarding patience and hard work over taking the easy way out. The level only provides you with one P-Switch (with the word “friend” written above it in coins), and you need to carry it through the entire level. Along the way, there are some puzzles that can either be solved or skipped over if you simply hit the P-Switch. But taking the easy way out ultimately makes the level umbeatable, since the end goal is surrounded by blocks that you can’t go through unless you hit the switch at the end, turning them into coins.

I admit I could have done a better job with some of the puzzles, but I think for the most part I got the level’s point across.


7: Banjo-Kazooie Inspiration (7C63-0000-0040-89A7)

Probably the easiest level I’ve made. As it’s name suggests, “Banjo-Kazooie Inspiration” is simply a tribute to Banjo-Kazooie. It once again uses the Super Mario Bros. theme, and you play as Duck Hunt, seeing as the duo is the closest thing to Banjo and Kazooie that the game provides. I recreated Spiral Mountain, Banjo’s house, the entrance to Gruntilda’s lair, and some of the early portions of Mumbo’s Mountain. You can even visit Mumbo (a Dry Bones) to transform into a “termite” (Pikmin).

There’s also a secret room hidden somewhere in the level that pays tribute to Rareware and the ending of Banjo-Kazooie. See if you can find it!


8: Slippy’s Maniacal Test Run (803B-0000-0051-76E1)

For this level, I went back, once again, to the “keep running” platforming style. Only this time, it’s less wacky and more difficult.

Yet again it uses the Super Mario Bros. style (I really wish at least some of the costumes were available elsewhere). In the game’s opening you play as Slippy Toad from Star Fox, with the opening representing his “workshop.” Almost immediately, you “jump into” an Arwing, which you play as for the rest of the level, which is a dangerous obstacle course.

I tried to slide it a very simple scenario, with Slippy testing out a new Arwing in a “maniacal” test course of his design. Hopefully I did a decent job at it.


9: Nothing Can Stop King Dedede (0561-0000-0062-5F77)

I realize now that this level probably needed a different name. Originally, the idea for the level would be something that would make the player feel invincible (it would have been a really easy but bombastic course filled with Starmen and the like). But somehow it actually ended up being one of my harder levels. Go figure.

Anyway, you play as King Dedede (again meaning it uses the Super Mario Bros. theme). The first half also falls under that “keep running” category. But to prevent my levels from becoming too repetitious, the second half requires you to stop and take time before jumping ahead.

Perhaps sometime I’ll make a different “invincible King Dedede” level, but for now, this one provides a nice challenge.


10: Banjo-Tooie Inspiration (E749-0000-006A-31C0)

After making my Banjo-Kazooie level, I felt the need to make a Banjo-Tooie one as well. Not just out of obligation for the two games, but also because it gave a fun opportunity to take a preexisting level, and change it into something different, much like the Banjo games themselves.

Once again it’s Super Mario Bros. and you play as Duck Hunt. I originally copied the Banjo-Kazooie level, but then spent a good while in the editor to change it into something else.

I do admit, the references are a bit vaguer and less direct here, and I feel I could have done a better job with some aspects, but hopefully those with a keen eye will spot the references.

Spiral Mountain and a now dilapidated Gruntilda’s Lair return. I tried to recreate some of the boss fights with Klungo through a giant Bowser Jr. Jamjars shows up as a Rocky Wrench. Bottles’ ghost is a Monty Mole with a Boo on his head. Humba Wumba (a Magikoopa, because nothing else fit) can change you into a baby T-Rex (Yarn Yoshi), or an adult T-Rex (Mega Yarn Yoshi). Jinjo Village shows up as a few little boxes with Koopas inside them (the houses and Jinjos…I work with what I have). The only killable Koopa represents a Minjo. You can temporarily control Mumbo (here represented by a Shy Guy). And you even stop by Jiggywiggy’s temple (he appears as a Giant Blooper on top of a Goomba, because he simply can’t be recreated in this game).

Again, I don’t think I did as good of a job here as I did with the Banjo-Kazooie stage. But if you play the Banjo-Kazooie stage first and then this one, maybe at least you can appreciate it for how they echo each other.

Also, this one contains even more secrets! It even includes secret rooms to become DK and Diddy (because Rare references), and an entire hidden segment based on the Hailfire Peaks stage from Banjo-Tooie.


11: Thwomp the Yard!! (E936-0000-0089-48AB)


This was my attempt to make an incredibly difficult, but fair, level. I don’t think it’s for the feint of heart, as it took me over 200 tries to finally beat it in order to upload it (or maybe I just suck).

It uses the Super Mario World theme, and most of its platforming and puzzles, as the title suggests, involve Thwomps (though Boos, spikes and Yoshis also show up).

The level is completely fair, with no invisible blocks, blind jumps (I use arrows) or any other troll mechanics present. It’s simply a level I made to require very accurate precision. I was originally going to make it even longer, but I felt it was difficult enough and didn’t want to simply frustrate people.

If you’re up for the challenge, go for it.


12: Love is a Powerful Thing (87A2-0000-0092-50CF)

This level, which uses the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme, is simply a punchline. It’s a joke level. One where players will probably die the first time, but realize it’s actually pretty easy with the second go. My intention wasn’t to troll, just to give a simple joke that hopefully some people will find funny. I won’t give the joke away here though.



Those are all of my Super Mario Maker courses so far. If you want, why not try them out? Feel free to give any feedback on them. Tell me if you liked them, or how I can improve them. And be sure to give me stars so I can keep uploading more!

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