Movie Awards 2016: Best Music

What would movies be without their scores? A lot less engaging, I can tell you that much! Movies and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. They were just made for each other. Imagine Indiana Jones running from that boulder without John Williams’ epic score in the background. Or Jaws without those menacing notes signaling the shark’s presence. It just wouldn’t feel right, would it?

Musical scores are imperative to movies. And great movies in particular should have a great score. As far as 2015 goes, one score stood out above the rest.


Winner: Inside Out (Michael Giacchino)

Inside Out

From the minute I first heard that melancholic opening melody to Inside Out, I knew I was in for something special. Pixar films have had great scores in the past, particularly Michael Giacchino’s previous collaborations with the studio (The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up), but Inside Out’s music stands out above them all.

The score to Inside Out is, very appropriately, bittersweet. It captures a range of moods and emotions to do the accompanying material justice, and often sounds minimalistic, ethereal and more abstract than most Pixar scores, which suits the film’s nature perfectly.

Inside Out is a sad movie, but also a happy one, and Michael Giacchino’s score captures that essence in what has become one of my all-time favorite film scores. It’s joyous and heartbreaking just to listen to. I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

Runner-up: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (John Williams)


Author: themancalledscott

Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining, the man called Scott is an ancient sorcerer from a long-forgotten realm. He’s more machine now than man, twisted and evil. Or, you know, he could just be some guy who loves video games, animations and cinema who just wanted to write about such things.

3 thoughts on “Movie Awards 2016: Best Music”

  1. I really do love the score of Inside Out, especially Tears of Joy. It’s too bad The Good Dinosaur didn’t get as much attention…even if it wasn’t very good. Loved Inside Out!

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    1. I thought The Good Dinosaur was a good movie, just not a great one. And coming off the heels of Inside Out only magnified its shortcomings.

      The score for Inside Out is something special. I’m happy you pointed out Tears of Joy, which has become one of my all-time favorite pieces of music from any movie. I’m dead serious when I say I can’t listen to that one without crying.


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