Pixar Month Continues!

Monsters, Inc.

I feel a bit guilty. Despite declaring June to be Disney/Pixar Month, I have only added two reviews and an impressions article as far as Pixar-related content goes since the start of the month. Unfortunately, you see, that no-good SOB known as “Real Life” has been rearing his ugly head as of late, and prevented me from blogging as frequently as I’d like to.

So within the next few weeks, I will continue my Pixar “Month,” even if that means it spills over well into July. recompense, and all that.

Now, I’ll still write whatever else I have the time and interest to write, but I will make a special note to write at least a few more Pixar-based reviews (including Finding Dory), as well as the following Pixar-related lists, in the coming weeks: Top 5 Pixar Soundtracks, Top 10 Pixar Voice Over Performances, Top 10 Tear-Inducing Pixar Moments, a list of Best Pixar Characters (I may need to go over 10 for that one), and a revised version of my ranking of every Pixar film from least to greatest.

There you go, my apology to myself for my rather slow Pixar Month thus far. Hopefully the fact that I’ve now written this down will give me the proper motivation to pump out all this content. So be on the lookout, I guess.

Finding Nemo


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One thought on “Pixar Month Continues!”

  1. Long live Pixar Month! Seriously though, it’s understandable how life can be. I certainly wouldn’t mind if you just kept talking more about Pixar! It’s definitely a studio worth discussing!

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