So…About My List of Favorite Video Games…


Well, it’s that time again. Y’know, that time when I delay making my list of all-time favorite video games, which has seemingly become a regular occurrence here at the Dojo.

Yes, I know, tragic. But I feel I must once again delay my list of favorite video games of all time. I feel especially guilty because my birthday is in September, so it would have been cool to post it on my birthday as a kind of self-aggrandizing gift to myself or whatever. But alas, a few of my other planned posts have gotten in the way of my compiling of said list.

As my readers probably know, my “Pixar Month” (which was supposed to be in June) didn’t really go very far, and I feel I still owe my readers at least some of the Pixar-themed lists I promised. Also, as I’m currently sitting pretty at 145 video games reviewed, I will soon reach the 150 mark. And as I’ve stated before, I think it would be neat to make a list ranking the games I’ve reviewed from least to greatest once I’ve hit that milestone. Naturally, if I were to make my all-time favorites list so soon afterwards, it might take away from the 150 countdown.

On top of this, I just really feel I need to catch up a wee bit with my reviews of animated films, which have been too few and far between in recent months.

While I’m sure this news of another delay in my list of favorite video games has all but rendered your month meaningless, don’t fret too much. I still plan on making said list. But it will have to be when I can dedicate more time to it (I take my favorite video games very seriously, you see). I may make it sometime in December instead (officially postponing this list for a year when I first announced it). Though if this is the case, don’t expect too many posts here around that time, since I also plan on making my Christmas special blog even longer this year. So December may end up being exclusive to the Christmas Special and my favorite video games list as far as the Dojo is concerned (but I may squeeze a couple of reviews in there as well if I can).

Once again, I happily invite some of my fellow bloggers to make their own lists of favorite video games, if they so desire. Once again once again, I would like it if we could make our lists at around the same time, and link to each others’ lists, as a means to turn this into a bigger deal. But if they want to make their lists earlier or later (or not at all) I won’t hold it against them. But if they do wish to join in, I still invite the following bloggers to join in the favorite video game-ness.


After Story

Extra Life Reviews

Mr. Panda

Very Very Gaming

Remember, the plan is that I will probably/maybe/hopefully make my list in December, so if anyone else wants in, that is now the plan (except, again, if they just want to do it without being a part of my madness). Of course, as history has proven time and again, this could always change (but hopefully not this time).

I must again apologize for delaying my long-promised list for the umpteenth time. Hopefully you’ll enjoy whatever else I write in the month of September. And hopefully you won’t be entirely lost without knowing what my favorite video games are just yet.


Author: themancalledscott

Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining, the man called Scott is an ancient sorcerer from a long-forgotten realm. He’s more machine now than man, twisted and evil. Or, you know, he could just be some guy who loves video games, animations and cinema who just wanted to write about such things.

9 thoughts on “So…About My List of Favorite Video Games…”

  1. Well I’m no one to be upset by the news, gives me a chance to compile a proper list and maybe get in an extra game or two. I wanted to have a couple of favourite games list per console before I compiled a definitive “all time” list, so hopefully this will give me the extra edge!
    Oh and I never got to properly congratulate you on that sweet alliance! You deserve it my friend 🙂 keep up the great work!

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