Video Game Awards 2017: Best Multiplayer

My 2017 video game awards (honoring the games of 2016) continues with a strong category, Best Multiplayer. Although 2016 was a pretty solid year when it came to multiplayer games, there really was only one obvious choice for a winner.


Winner: Overwatch


Overwatch does so much right. Some might argue that it doesn’t reinvent the multiplayer shooter, but it polishes it to such great lengths that, honestly, who cares about that?

Overwatch is undoubtedly the best multiplayer shooter since Team Fortress 2, and may even outdo that title as the very best the genre has to offer. Its cast of colorful characters are incredibly varied and well-balanced (for the most part), and it’s a great example of game that demands players work together as a cohesive team (seriously, if you get stuck with someone who’s just trying to rack in a high kill count, expect to lose).

It’s the personality of the game that really makes it such a joy. With characters who range from cartoony derivatives of Mad Max villains like Junkrat and Roadhog, to adorable anime-style girls like Mei and D.Va, Overwatch is a rare breed of a game in this day and age: One that emphasizes fun in its world as well as its gameplay.

With all that variety, polish and personality, Overwatch has easily racked in the most hours of any 2016 game from me, and deservedly so. It’s one of the multiplayer greats.

Runner-up: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


4 thoughts on “Video Game Awards 2017: Best Multiplayer

  1. ogreatgames

    Yah, I agree if you polish something enough, you might as well have reinvented it. Overwatch most definitely is a phenomenal multiplayer shooter. It’s game, that holds true to team work principles, and makes all things feel just so good.

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