A Most Necessary Update

Yikes! Has it really been a week since I wrote anything here? Dang, I had successfully written at least one blog per week for the better part of two and a half years, but I think this is maybe the second time where a week has past in between posts. I sincerely apologize, just been busy and whatnot. Hopefully I can pick up the pace.

I guess I may as well fill you lovely people in on a few things. For one, my reviews of the games included in Rare Replay will continue. Though seeing as I already reviewed Conker’s Bad Fur Day some time ago, I may write a different sort of blog on that unique game at some point soon. Also, I keep saying this, but this time I mean it, I will do some more movie reviews soon. Mostly animated, of course. But others as well. I actually have a list of a few movies I’d like to review relatively soon.

“Naturally, more Twin Peaks gifs are a must.”

Also – and good heavens, do I dread writing about this again – I’ve been rethinking my deadline for my Favorite Games of All Time list for the umpteenth time. Now, I don’t think I’ll delay it for very long, probably around early February as opposed to late January, but there’s a reason for this. January will, of course, be the time I do my movie and video game awards for 2017, but it will probably be a good time to catch up on whatever 2017 games I’m interested in that I haven’t given the time to. Because 2017 has had no shortage of stellar video games, and they’re just spilling over. The metaphorical glass of great 2017 video games is just too full.

Of course, some of my fellow bloggers are still invited to make their own lists, yadda yadda yadda, link to each others’ lists, make it a bigger deal. Rinse and repeat.

One more note about my list, it will probably contain 30 games total, but the games listed from 21 to 30 either A) Won’t be numbered or B) the numbering won’t matter at that point. Because, in all honesty, who the hell has a twenty-seventh favorite of anything? Top five? Of course! Top ten? Definitely! Hell, even numbers 11-15 feel like the interchangeable alternatives for the top ten, the ones that could make the cut on a different day. After fifteen it gets a little murkier, but at least 16-20 can be seen as the “honorable mentions.” After that, you’re basically just listing a bunch of stuff you think is awesome, which could potentially be replaced with other such things that are just as awesome.

Wow, why am I writing all of this? Am I so starved for writing a blog that I’m just jotting down everything passing through my head right now? Shen Yun spicy ramen sure is delicious. That recent Nintendo Direct sure was great. Wait, what?

Oh yeah, and hopefully I’ll get to writing more top five and ten lists and such. Haven’t done any of those in a while.

So yeah, sorry for the relative gap in my writings. I know you need my blogs for sustenance . They are your life force. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the nonsense I have to say, and feed upon my writings like Winnie the Pooh to honey.

Author: themancalledscott

Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining, the man called Scott is an ancient sorcerer from a long-forgotten realm. He’s more machine now than man, twisted and evil. Or, you know, he could just be some guy who loves video games, animations and cinema who just wanted to write about such things.

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