10 Things I Want to See in Super Smash Bros. 5

Can you believe it? A new Super Smash Bros. is on the way to the Nintendo Switch this year! Man, we didn’t need to wait seven years this time!

Now, of course, is the time when fans start to express what they hope to see in the newest entry in Nintendo’s crossover super-franchise. And although I usually try to refrain from getting too hyped about a game with so little information to it, when it comes to Smash Bros. I have to have a little bit of fun.

Here are – in no real order – ten things I hope to see in Super Smash Bros’ outing on the Nintendo Switch. I may make a list of my most wanted characters at some point. But for now, here’s ten different ‘things.’ Some are things I’d like to see added, others are things I’d like subtracted. Either way… All aboard the hype train! Toot toot!


10: No More Clones

Super Smash Bros. Brawl gets a lot of flak these days (some warranted, some exaggerated), but one thing it definitely had going for it was that it did a pretty good job at trying to make the characters distinct (Star Fox characters aside). Sure, Ganondorf was still far more Captain Falcon-esque than he should be, but at least it didn’t feel like a whole host of copycat characters were just thrown in.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS, despite being the best all-around Smash Bros. so far, kind of took a step back in this regard, which made less sense than ever seeing as some characters (Bowser Jr./Koopalings and Olimar/Alph) simply swapped into identical characters. Yet, despite having a clear solution to the clone dilemma, we still had Dr. Mario, Lucina, Toon Link, and the nadir of the lot, Dark Pit (at least Toon Link and Doc Mario make sense, though they deserve better than the clone treatment).

Many will excuse the clones as they “take less memory to create” and thus “don’t take up any potential other character’s spot.” But that’s besides the point. The point is that clone characters are just creative laziness. And with the swapped characters introduced in Smash 4, there’s really no reason for clones to continue. Clones taking up their own spaces on the roster just feels cheap. Unless they feel distinct, just make them a palette swap. Best of all, it would get rid of Dark Pit. Talking of which…


9: Less Kid Icarus

“Friends don’t let friends play Dark Pit.”

Okay, time for me to be the bad guy… Kid Icarus isn’t that great. I know a lot of Nintendo fans think it’s cool because it was this series that was dormant for over two decades, and then it came back and was all anime and stuff. But maybe there was a reason Kid Icarus was dormant for so long? The NES original never had the depth of Mario or Zelda, and although Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS at least gave the series something of an identity, it was far from one of Nintendo’s best.

Yet, Super Smash Bros. on Wii U/Nintendo 3DS just couldn’t stop representing Kid Icarus. It had three playable characters: Pit (who actually makes sense), Palutena (notably the only Smash fighter to have never been playable in their own series), and Dark Pit (?!). It boasted multiple stages, a myriad of items, and the far more enjoyable Metal Gear conversation Easter eggs of Brawl were replaced with Kid Icarus equivalents. And well, when one remembers that Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai also just happened to be the director of Kid Icarus: Uprising, the reasons for a series Nintendo didn’t care enough about to touch for over two decades suddenly getting so much spotlight quickly became obvious.

While I think that, overall, Super Smash Bros. Wii U is the series’ best entry to date, it does have a glaring element of vanity to it thanks to the convenient timing of Kid Icarus’ promotion in representation. Considering Sakurai – who also created Kirby – refrained from adding additional Kirby characters in the series’ first two entries out of humility, the Kid Icarus: Uprising self-appreciation becomes all the more jarring.

I’m not saying the Kid Icarus stuff has to disappear entirely. It’s still a part of Nintendo’s history, after all. But let’s focus more on making Super Smash Bros. represent Nintendo’s history, and less on making it feel like a vanity project.


8: Final Smashes for Mario Characters that are Actually from the Mario Series

What the hell is that Dragon Ball Z thing Mario has going on? Why does Bowser turn into a weird, giant version of himself that looks nothing like something you’d see in a Mario game?

Seriously, why does it seem like the Mario characters in Super Smash Bros. have Final Smashes that have nothing to do with the Mario series?  We’re not talking about some obscure series with little to draw from. The super Mario series has a richer history than any other in Nintendo’s arsenal. There’s not exactly a shortage of Mario games to draw influence from.

Why not give Mario a Final Smash like Kuribo’s Shoe or something from Super Mario Odyssey? And why not give Bowser the Koopa Clown Car/Copter so he can go all Mario World final boss on everybody? It really shouldn’t be so hard to figure out.

Speaking of tweaking Mario characters…


7: A Revamped Mario

Why does Mario still have the F.L.U.D.D. as a special move? I’m gonna break a few hearts here, but Sunshine was always kind of a B-tier Mario title, does Mario really need a special move based on it in 2018? Couldn’t the F.L.U.D.D. just be an item or something?

It’s not just F.L.U.D.D. though, but Mario could use a bit of tweaking all around. Again, I have to bring up that Mario has no shortage of history, should so many of his moves still feel like they were ripped exclusively from Super Mario 64? I’m not saying Mario needs a total overhaul, but he does really feel like he needs (and deserves) a bit more by this point.


6: Some Relatively Obscure Characters (Even from Obvious Franchises)

I’m not one of those people who thinks Nintendo needs to showcase obscure characters in Smash Bros. for the heck of it, but I do think it would be fun if we saw this newest Super Smash Bros. pull a few characters out of left field, even when it pertains to prominent franchises.

Now, I’m also not one of those people who wants Waluigi and that godawful abomination Princess Daisy to be playable, since they only ever existed to fill up space in Mario Tennis. When I say “out of left field,” I mean something a bit more…meaningful. And Daisy is probably the worst Nintendo character who isn’t Fi, so she’s not what I would consider to be ‘meaningful.’

No, I’m talking about the Skull Kids and Fawfuls for franchises like Zelda and Mario. Characters who either only had a handful of appearances, or maybe only showed up in (relatively) smaller releases in their franchise. And for downright obscure characters, why not bring in someone like Muddy Mole or Stanley from Donkey Kong 3?

Seriously, anything is better than Dark Pit… and Daisy. Good heavens, keep Daisy far, far away from Smash Bros.


5: Third-Party Characters who Actually Make Sense

Time to break some more hearts, but Cloud from Final Fantasy VII was a lame edition to Super Smash Bros. on Wii U. I mean, what’s his connection to Nintendo that warrants being included in a Nintendo crossover game? I know some people like to point out how “he was a summon in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on GBA,” but that’s a weak-ass reason for his inclusion. By that logic, we may as well have James Bond thrown into the mix because Goldeneye 007 was on N64. But it wouldn’t change the fact that James Bond would feel incredibly out of place… just like Cloud very much did with his baffling inclusion.

Call me a traditionalist, but I liked Brawl’s idea that third-party inclusions in Super Smash Bros. should still have ties to Nintendo. Snake was already kind of pushing it, but at least he did have legitimate history with Nintendo. Mega Man made perfect sense, more so than any other third-party character. Pac-Man made sense. Ryu made sense. Bayonetta made sense.

If we’re going to include more third-party fighters in Super Smash Bros., I’d like it to be more of that. Characters who actually have a history that justifies their presence alongside Nintendo characters. I may have greatly enjoyed Halo over the years, but if Master Chief were to show up, it would feel more random than jaw-dropping. Now, Banjo-Kazooie would be something that would make sense (provided legalities allow it), even though Rare games are now on Microsoft consoles.

I just don’t want Smash Bros. to start feeling like a fighting game with random characters. Just because people like to cosplay as Cloud doesn’t mean he belongs fighting alongside Mario, Link and Samus.

“I’m okay with this.”


4: Less Anime Sword-fighting Characters

How in the hell did Fire Emblem get as many characters as Pokemon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS? I mean, I get that Fire Emblem has its niche, but it hasn’t earned as many characters as Pokemon in Super Smash Bros.

I could forgive the amount of Fire Emblem characters though, if it weren’t for the fact that most of them just pack on to the already overcrowded “anime sword-fighter” category of Smash Bros. characters. If we need more Fire Emblem characters (and we really don’t), can they at least be ones that use something, anything other than swords? Seriously, how many characters need to have a sword-counter attack as their B-down special, anyway?

It isn’t just Fire Emblem though, but Shulk and Kid Icarus also add to this overabundance. But at least Shulk is alone from his series and we really only have to give Dark Pit the axe for Kid Icarus. If Fire Emblem is going to have one of the larger rosters, at least make them feel more distinct from one another.


3: Dark Souls

“Solaire praises in!”

I don’t care if it’s a fighter based on the player character from the Dark Souls games, or a more ‘proper’ character inclusion like Solaire from Astora. But now that Dark Souls will be coming to a Nintendo console, this is something that needs to happen. We already have the Solaire Amiibo on the way, so why not? Seriously, Dark Souls and Mario in the same game? That’s pure gaming heaven right there.


2: More Donkey Kong Representation

“Aww hell yeah!”

Donkey Kong is Nintendo’s oldest franchise. The series in which Super Mario is a spinoff. Aaannnd it only has two characters in Super Smash Bros…

Granted, I’m not saying DK has to have a dozen characters or anything, but it’s certainly earned the right to have a lot more characters than many of the series that already do have more (seriously, Star Fox has had more Smash Bros. fighters over the years. That just feels wrong).

Dixie Kong is a character who already feels like she should have been in this series a long time ago. She’s a fan favorite, debuted in DKC2 (which instantly makes her amazing), and importantly, she has a potential moveset that would make her stand out not only from the other DK characters, but from anyone else already in Smash Bros., due to her prehensile hair. King K. Rool is another DK character who feels like he’s earned a spot, and would also add to Smash Bros’ surprisingly lacking field of villain characters. Not to mention he could have a Kaptain K. Rool alternate costume (seriously, DKC2!). And it feels like Sakurai kind of owes it to the fans at this point, after the Mii Fighter Costume nonsense last time around (more on that later).

I’m not just talking about characters though, but it seems like DK could use some more representation in stages, items and – most notably – music. Donkey Kong Country has some of the best music in gaming (screw you, Zelda and Final Fantasy!), and yet all we ever seem to get are more remixes of DK Island Swing. It’s a great piece of music, to be sure, but DKC has so much more to offer in the music department. Whether it’s the original tunes or Smash-ified remixes, more music from Donkey Kong Country can only ever be a wonderful thing.


1: Geno

“I ♡ ♡♪!?.”

That Mii Fighter Costume stunt was nothing short of a middle finger to fans. After years of being one of the more requested characters to join the fray, the best representation Super Mario RPG gets is a lousy costume for Miis. Blech!

If we were able to get Cloud and the likeness of Geno for Smash Bros., clearly Square is softening up with their relationship towards Nintendo. So instead of milking Final Fantasy VII nostalgia and teasing fans with the perpetually on-the-horizon Kingdom Hearts 3, how about Square just lets Nintendo use the original Super Mario RPG characters for a change of pace, if nothing else. It’s not like Square’s doing anything with them, anyway. People want SMRPG’s characters to return in some form. Geno was a fan favorite that people have wanted in Smash for years. And he has a moveset that writes itself!

Because after that Mii Fighter Costume BS, Geno would be all the more special.

I just…I really like Super Mario RPG…


Author: themancalledscott

Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining, the man called Scott is an ancient sorcerer from a long-forgotten realm. He’s more machine now than man, twisted and evil. Or, you know, he could just be some guy who loves video games, animations and cinema who just wanted to write about such things.

10 thoughts on “10 Things I Want to See in Super Smash Bros. 5”

  1. Cloud was an amazing inclusion, though! A Dark Souls fighter feels much more out of place then Cloud. Sakurai made it happen when people didn’t expect it would be possible. As far as the Kid Icaris characters, Sakurai plays favorites when he chooses which fighters will be in Smash. I think Luigi got a vacuum themed final smash in WiiU/3DS.

    My top thing I want in Smash 5 is that characters will be revamped. Since smash 64, most characters have stayed generally the same. I personally believe that Smash 5 is not going to be a “more characters, more stages, better graphics” entry. Sakurai and his team probably have new creative ideas for the Smash series as far as new mechanics and gameplay. It begs the question; how much can Smash be changed and still be a true smash entry?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the fact that Dark Souls is even announced for Switch makes a Dark Souls character more fitting than Cloud, who feels like a Playstation-branded character. Sakurai wasn’t always playing favorites with his characters though. As stated, he contemplated putting Dedede in the original game and Melee, but decided against it as to not favor his characters (and Dedede would have actually made sense back then, seeing as he’s Nintendo’s third most recurring villain).
      That’s true, Luigi did have his vacuum, but I think that’s really the only Mario character whose Final Smash has anything to do with the series.


  2. I will never understand the whole “anime character thing.” If you are talking about sword men then use sword men. Not anime, it’s clear most of you don’t understand the word when using it! If you want to talk about anime, half of the roster would be gone. Caue anime is Japanese and most of the roster is Japanese. Just say you don’t want any more sword characters, because again some of you casuals don’t know how to use this word correctly in context. Also just say you want more cartoonish characters is the best way to describe everything on this list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While I can understand your defensive stance, given how many people seem to have an unjust ignorance against anime, I should point out that I do indeed know what anime means. Considering my favorite movie is a Japanese animated film, I’d say I have nothing against the medium.

      I am well aware that Diddy Kong is the only non-Japanese character in the entire series, and so removing “anime” characters (under the broadest definition) would more or less remove everyone but him. My issue isn’t with anime, it’s simply that the characters in Smash Bros. with a distinctly anime look (Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, Xenoblade) have very similar movesets, which just so happen to work around a sword. Link also uses a sword, and has some traditional anime elements to his look, but his play style is far more distinct. And considering I listed Dark Souls representation, swords themselves aren’t the problem. I just want characters in Smash Bros. who don’t feel like they came off conveyor belts.

      Speaking of my inclusion of wanting Dark Souls to be represented in some way, I wouldn’t say my list could be described as “wanting more cartoonish characters.” The aforementioned “anime” characters are more cartoonish than anything in Dark Souls.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmm, this one might be a doozy to cover.
    10. Agreed, although I’ll say Wolf and Brawl Falco are far better take on clones than Ganondorf, which I feel is such a stupid incarnation of the character that I feel they might as well cut him from the next game if he doesn’t get an original moveset, there’s really no reasson for him to be a C. Falcon clone.
    9. Given the previously mentioned clones and how unfun Palutena turned out to be (IMO), I think cutting a character or two from the series would be fine, lots of Uprising music is fine though as it’s a great soundtrack.
    8. Eh, even if they changed Giga Bowser it’d still be something like Giant Bowser from PM or BIS, I don’t think he’ll ever get something like the koopa copter after Bowser Jr. Luigi is fine now, and I think Peach has some basis from her sleep moves in Mario RPG, Mario could do with something new, more importantly, something that doesn’t blow hard when you use it.
    7. I don’t feel Mario is too bad outside of Fludd honestly, but he was never a favorite of mine outside of the first game so I can’t really say much.
    6. I agree with this one, not much else to be said.
    5. This one is understandable, but I feel none of the 3rd party choices so far have been bad, while I’d have prefered someone else as a FF representative, Cloud is still probably the most recognizable face of the series and he did kinda popularize JRPGs in a region or two (depending on how you look at America), so while maybe not that present in Nintendo’s systems, he’s an icon from the medium. Not my prefered choice, but a valid one given his character status, even if I’m pretty indifferent towards it myself (fun moveset though).
    4. I always felt the term “anime” to be sort of a cheap way for people to show their distaste to series they don’t like or care for in these sort of things, similar to any sort of drawing, there’s still varied takes on the matter (it’s like if I said Cuphead looked the same as something like Super Meat Boy just because they are cartoony) depending from artist to artist, so to generalize all of them like this feels….a bit disrespectful to their creator, and like there’s many ways one can fight with their fists, I feel the same applies with swords. I’ll agree FE has too many characters though, especially with 2 of them being clones and another being the most shameless promotion for a fairly polarizing game with an absolutely atrocious protagonist. Marth, Ike and Robin should stay, the rest can be cut for all I care, saying this as a lover of the series for the record.
    3. Outside of a cameo I’m indifferent to the prospect, I have my doubts if a Souls character could transition well to something more fast paced and crazy like a fighter.
    2. I’m not that big of a fan of DK, so I think whether they add more or not is something that wouldn’t interest me much, although maybe giving someone an animal partner based moveset could be cool.
    1. I think we can generalize this one with 6 that I’d be fine with smaller Mario series getting some more representation in the games, even if it’s not a playable character like Geno or Fawful, at least experimenting more with music and stages would be nice.

    I’ll close my reply saying I have become exhausted from speculation and wishlist from the previous game, so my only interest is to see some of my favorites that aren’t guaranteed inclusions to come back in the follow up (especifically Ike, Robin, Mewtwo and Greninja) and if Sonic comes back again I’d like to see him have something more to his attacks other than rolling, Sonic Battle had some pretty decent ideas that could translate to Smash with some work. Also please, step up the soundtrack, Brawl was amazing in that area, while Smash 4 was all sorts of underwhelming with its track choices.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. By referring to them as “anime” I’m not using that as an insult, though I do agree with you that too many people use it as a derogative. All I mean is that the sword characters in Smash Bros. with a more prominent “anime look” tend to play incredibly similar. Link has a sword (and indeed looks a bit like an anime character), but he plays notably different from the others.

      As for Dark Souls being transitioned into Smash, remember that they made Villager work. For that matter, they made Captain Falcon work, and he was previously simply a character who existent in instructions manuals and, in-game-wise, was unseen behind a wheel. So if anything it would give them another chance to get creative.
      As for my remarks on Mario, I don’t think he’s “bad” per se, just that, for a character with such an extensive history, his moveset showcases very little of it. I’m not saying he needs a move from every Mario game (good lord!), but the fact that it feels like his moves are all from 64 (with one from Sunshine thrown in) feels a bit…well, I don’t want to say “outdated” since both 64 and Sunshine have held up pretty well. But it does feel like there should be something more there.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You’ve heard of the No More Heroes games, right? How would you feel if Travis Touchdown was in Smash 5? The series has been Nintendo exclusive since its debut.

    I think a Resident Evil character would work too, considering that every RE game except 5, 6 and 7 have come out on Nintendo platforms. If I were to pick one, I’d go with Leon S. Kennedy, the main character of RE2 and RE4. Especially since RE2 was the first Resident Evil game to come out on a Nintendo platform, it was ported to the N64. Plus, RE4 was a timed GameCube exclusive.

    Liked by 2 people

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