Simon Belmont and King K. Rool are in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Another Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct has come and gone. And while not all the new info was golden (Shovel Knight merely being an Assist Trophy instead of a playable character, another Fire Emblem clone character, etc.), for the most part, there was a lot to get excited over. A dizzying number of stages and music, new items, Dark Samus as an additional clone character, the whole shebang.

The biggest news, however, were the reveals of Simon (and Richter) Belmont from Castlevania and King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country as new playable characters!

Admittedly, rumors about Simon Belmont’s inclusion have been around for a while, but it’s still awesome to see its confirmation. And he even gets a clone in Richter Belmont. I guess on the downside, Alucard is relegated to an Assist Trophy, but I guess I can understand that. It’s just…Symphony of the Night is so good! Y’know?

But no news from the Direct was more exciting for me than the reveal of DK’s archenemy, King K. Rool. I have to admit, it’s surprising he made it in before Dixie Kong, but as I’ve stated ad nauseam, I’m a huge DKC fan, and I just wanted an additional character from the series. I’m not greedy.

Better still, Simon/Richter’s moves look to be pulled right out of the Castlevania games, and King K. Rool replicates his moves from his various boss fights throughout the DK series.

Of course, now we have Ridley. And we have K. Rool. Now all we need is Geno, and the Triforce of Smash’s most wanted will be complete!


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5 thoughts on “Simon Belmont and King K. Rool are in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

  1. the echo characters are definitely the whatever part of this direct, although honestly I find sort of hilarious that Chrom is based on Roy who was already clone of Marth, so he’s a clone of a clone? That makes half of the FE characters to be based on the same moveset. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t have Dixie announced as an echo alongside K Rools reveal to pretty much cover the DK fix minus Cranky (who unfortunately I don’t think ever had much of a chance). Everything else was fantastic though, Simon looks so much fun and the Castlevania tracklist is just amazing, and all the little bells and whistles added to the game modes is great. My only real disappointment was not seeing target test return, that’s just a real shame.


    1. Seriously, Fire Emblem has a much broader range of characters who could be used. But instead we have Marth, Marth 2 (Roy), Marth 3 (Lucina), Half-Marth (Ike), and Marth 2-2 (Chrom).

      Honestly, I’m happy we got a third DK character at all. I was beginning to think it wasn’t happening. Still have hopes for Dixie. I agree, as much as I would like Cranky as a character, I don’t think that would happen. However, I don’t think an Assist Trophy is out of the question for him.
      The Castlevania stuff alone was reason for celebration. If we can just get Geno I will literally have zero complaints (character-wise. Still have to actually give the game some decent playtime to see how it all works and plays, even if the basics are familiar).


      1. I wouldn’t put Ike on the same place as a Marth as he plays significantly different despite being a sword user, I think FE would have been fine just with Marth, Ike and Robin (represent different eras from the series, popular enough and it’s a justifiable amount given the series amount of games and rise in popularity after Awakening), everyone else is eh, could have been done without.
        I feel the game itself might be lacking on single player modes if what was shown is more or less all we’ll get (classic mode with possibly no events or all star mode, and likely no adventure or smaller activities like target test, homerun contest and so on, but it’s definitely looking pretty definitive in terms of multiplayer modes.
        I only would really like to see Crono and Banjo make it in, but both are pretty unlikely, the latter for obvious reasons.

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