Video Game Awards 2019: Best Content

To say that video games try to give you some extra bang for your buck these days is an understatement. Games now go out of their way to make sure players will spend countless hours with them. While this can sometimes be to the detriment of a game (tedious padding, pointless extra modes, and worst of all, post-release content that should have been there from the start), it has also given a number of modern titles an unparalleled longevity.

2018 had plenty of big games, but only one could take the cake.


Winner: Red Dead Redemption 2


What else was it going to be? There is literally something to do in every nook and cranny of Red Dead Redemption 2’s meticulous world. Want to do the main story? Go straight to it! Want to take a break from said story and do side quests? Be my guest! Want to rob a train? Take your time to plan the heist and hop to it! Want to play poker with some random socialites? You are more than welcome to do so! Want to track down rare beasts to hunt for a new pelt? You do you, my friend!

Okay, you get the idea.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is simply a game that doesn’t let up when it comes to things to do. It’s take on the Wild West presents one of the most immersive and interactive game worlds to date. No matter where you go in Red Dead Redemption 2, there is always something that can be done, whether it’s a necessary mechanic or not. Red Dead Redemption 2 may have its technical issues, but they are all too easy to ignore when you remember this is a game that presents a deep narrative about loyalty and betrayal, but can turn into one giant fishing simulator if you so desire.

Now if only Rockstar could add all these features to the online mode…


Runner-up: Marvel’s Spider-Man


Past Winners

2014: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

2015: Super Mario Maker

2016: Overwatch

2017: Super Mario Odyssey


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