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I Has a Xbox One!

“Behold, my Xbox One! And…the reflection of my Banjo-Kazooie poster.”

Thanks to the generosity of my cousin, I am now the owner of an Xbox One! But I’m not writing this to brag about adding another console to my collection, but because this now means I’ll be reviewing some Xbox One games!

Now, admittedly, there aren’t as many games on the Xbox One that I’m as interested in as the Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch (or the Wii U…may it rest in peace). But there are definitely a few games I’ve really been wanting to review for the system, as well as some on the horizon (Cuphead, for example).

My cousin also gave me his copy of The Master Chief Collection, and I picked up a copy of Rare Replay. So now I can review (most of) the Halo games without having to re-buy the previous Xbox consoles, and a good slew of old Rare games (some of which I admittedly already own in their original forms, but many others I don’t). Granted, I still need to get some original Xbox One games to review, but what I have for the system already gives me a large amount of upcoming reviews on their own.

Again, as far as gaming goes, I think the PS4 and Switch (and the SNES, always the SNES) will remain my main focuses here at the Dojo. But it’s great to finally be able to catch up on what the Xbox One has to offer.


The Wizard Dojo/After Story Gaming Alliance!

Well, here’s something different. After numerous threats a quick discussion, I have coerced managed to get some additional help here at the Dojo. Fellow blogger Alex of AfterStoryGaming, longtime reader and commenter here at Wizard Dojo, will now be using his writing abilities to contribute some reviews and other stuff to the Dojo!

This marks the first time someone other than myself will be writing for this site, which is kind of a big deal. Truth be told, I had planned to get some help from others some time ago, but wanted to keep this site to myself for a while longer. But I feel I’m now at a point where I can open the Dojo’s doors to additional writers. Granted, I’m not going anywhere, and I’m sure most of the content on this site will be from yours truly. But it’s great to finally be getting some additional content from someone else here at the Dojo.

I hope to eventually get even more people to contribute to Wizard Dojo from time to time, especially once I really start getting serious with developing that game I keep meaning to develop.

“Me, learning game development.”


So now you can not only enjoy my video game and movie reviews and general, rambling nonsense here at Wizard Dojo, but also those from a different individual as well!

You can check out Alex’s site, AfterStoryGaming, to get an idea of the great, detailed work he brings to the table. Happy to have you onboard, you scallywag! I can see this collaboration going places!


“This collaboration may soon end up something like this.

A Fork in the Road (to my List of Favorite Video Games)

Ah crap! Am I really writing about my ever-elusive list of favorite video games again? Geez, even I’m sick of it at this point.

But I’m going to write about it some more anyway.

Basically, I have two different routes I could take my eventual list (which I’m still planning on writing sometime in early 2018): One of which simply focuses on which games I think are the “best” of my favorites, and to rank them as best as possible according to that. The second method would make the list better represent my more versatile history as a gamer, while still taking the aforementioned “best” method into account to a certain degree.

To better explain the difference between the two, while both lists would be composed of the games I’d score a 10/10 and 9.5/10 (and maybe some 9.0s, depending on whether I settle on a list of 30 or 20 games), the former list would simply weigh the games against one another based on how I’d rank them against the games that I’d rate similarly, while the later would be a little more lenient to which games make the cut by incorporating a few limitations.

For example, the former list might include both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 as two separate entries, while the latter list might list one of those titles to represent both, or simply place them both in the same position as a tie or something.

Being the exceptionalist that I am, I don’t agree with the whole “one game per franchise” method or anything like that, since I think it just holds back more deserving games while placing less deserving games higher up than they should be, but I would also like to finally make the damn list, and to have it represent my varied history with gaming to some degree (either way, Mario will have a few spots on the list, with the latter method serving as a means to narrow things down a little so I can actually get the list done).

So basically, my usual attitude would have me leaning towards the “flat-out best” style of list, but I also feel that seems a tad bit mechanical. And since this will eventually be a list of favorites, mechanical isn’t exactly the way I’d like it to be described. But I also don’t want to feel like I’m doing the exact thing I hate, and holding back exceptional works for the sake of variety.

In short, do you, my faithful readers, have a preference as to which method I should use? And yes, it is my list, so I have the finally say (obviously), but maybe hearing some suggestions and feedback might help me get one step further to finally following through with the damn thing. Because I hate not following through with damn things.

Yeah yeah, I am well aware that I’m way overthinking this. I’ve gone through this before, I just want to make a solid list that represents my views and history with gaming the first time around, so that I won’t have need to revise it for a good while. And I know you’re probably wondering why it’s so hard for me to think of my favorite games, but it actually isn’t. It’s ranking them that’s the issue.

So what do you think?

Astro Duel Deluxe Review

*This review originally appeared at*


Astro Duel Deluxe is one of the many indie titles available on the Nintendo Switch’s Eshop, and looks to bring some old-fashioned, arcade-style multiplayer to Nintendo’s newest platform. Though it can definitely provide some fun, Astro Duel Deluxe lacks the replay value to make it one of the Switch’s must-have multiplayer titles.

Astro Duel Deluxe is a deathmatch-style game, and falls into the “new retro” category of indie games, with old-school, pixelated visuals that still look new and shiny thanks to modern hardware.

Players take control of different ships, each one looking like a simple colored triangle. The ships are thrown into a battlefield in space, where they must eliminate the other players by firing their guns, using power-ups, or taking advantage of the environment (like shooting an asteroid into the other players). The caveat here being that it only takes one hit for a ship to be destroyed, making rounds incredibly chaotic.

The gameplay itself is simple enough, but there are various modes included to change things up, with the game even allowing players to customize their own rules.

Astro Duel Deluxe can provide some good fun (especially with multiple players), and I really like the look of the game (it’s reminiscent of Geometry Wars or Pac-Man Championship Edition, though not quite as flashy). The problem is that there’s just not a whole lot here to hold your interest. After a few short rounds, you’ll see pretty much everything the game has to offer. It’s fun while it lasts, but it’s just not enough.

If you’re looking for some decent, arcade-style multiplayer fun, Astro Duel Deluxe may satisfy your pallette temporarily, but it probably won’t end up being your go-to experience for old-school couch multiplayer.



I’m Going to E3!

Don’t worry, I have some more reviews coming soon (though I really should hop to them… my backlog is growing by the day). But I’ve been busy preparing for my trip to E3 2017!

This actually won’t be the first time I’ve attended the event, as I ventured to E3 on six past occasions from 2009 to 2014. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with the increasing ticket prices as the years went on. Thankfully for me, this was the year that E3 opened their doors to a more public audience. Though the tickets still came with a bit of a price tag, it was nothing compared to the past.

Of course, the public pass means that I’ll just be attending the show floor, so I’ll just have to watch the presentations form my computer. But I honestly don’t mind. The show floor is where you get to play the games. That’s the good stuff!

But I’m not writing this post to brag, but just to inform people that the majority of my upcoming blogs for the upcoming week+ will probably be focused on E3 happenings, though I’ll still squeeze in some reviews and such, of course.

Obviously, if you want the big news from E3, there are plenty of major gaming sites to go for that. I’m mostly going to write on my perspective of the event, what games I’m most excited for, which ones I have the most fun playing at the show, things of that nature. Think of it like a personal journal of my E3 adventures, as opposed to news reports (again, why would you go to me for news?). I’ll be posting some of my thoughts and opinions on the games at the event both here and at Miketendo64.

I hope you enjoy whatever I end up writing on the event, and hopefully I’ll get to play a lot of cool games while I’m at the show. And yes, Super Mario Odyssey will be the first game I go to.

What’s the Word on My Favorite Video Games List?

You may recall that I recently brought up my forthcoming list of my favorite video games of all time. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve done it, but hopefully it will be one of the last times. Because I do have something of a window of time that I’d like to make such a list.

As of now, I’m gunning to make my list of favorite video games of all time some time in mid-January, 2018. Yes, that’s a long ways off from now, but that gives me some good time to play through the big games coming out this year, catch up on some great games I may have missed out on through the years, and replay some old favorites to see if they still hold up.

Another reason for this wait is that I’m aiming to hit the 250 video game reviews milestone by the end of this year (I’m currently at 213), and I think having 250+ video game reviews would be a good time to finally make my list.

Of course, I feel like I’ve already set myself up to disappoint anyone who’s at all interested in this. I fear my constant delays in making an “official” list of favorite games might be misconstrued as trying to build hype, at which case anyone would end up disappointed. After all, at the end of the day, this list of my favorite video games will be just that, a list of my favorite video games. Obviously I’m not trying to get people’s’ hopes up that this will be something special. I’m just an opinionated, scatterbrained individual who loves video games.

I must repeat that the reason I’ve continued to procrastinate this list is because I want to make a good, solid list that can be somewhat definitive of my opinions for a good few years, so that I wouldn’t have to revise said list for, well, a good few years. After all, if you make a list of favorite anythings, and then revise that list just a year later, it kind of takes away the whole reason for the list in the first place. Or maybe I’m just way overthinking things…

Once again, the following bloggers are invited to join in on this, and make their own lists of favorite games.

Mike and Jack of Miketendo64.

Matt from NintendoBound.

Alex from After Story Gaming.

Alex from Mr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews.

Red Metal (who is this masked man?) from Extra Life Reviews.

Of course, no one has to join (I do not possess the ability of mind control…yet), but if you choose to do so, I would like it if we can all do our lists around the same time, and link to everyone else’s lists within our own. And you can list however many games you want, with a minimum of 10 (because no one wants to see a top 9 list).

Okay, now I seriously am repeating myself. Point is, I think I’m finally going to make my first-ever edition of my favorite video games of all time list around mid-January 2018. Hopefully, I won’t write any more of these repetitious filler posts between now and then…

The Return of Bringing Up my Eventual List of Favorite Video Games of All Time

Oh no… Am I doing this again?! Seriously?! Well, okay…

Well, if you’re a long-time follower of the Dojo, you may remember that I often teased that I was planning on writing my list of favorite video games of all time. I always intended to do it, but for one reason or another, it always ended up getting postponed, to the point that it seemingly became a bad recurring joke.

Well, I thought I’d let my dear, sweet readers that I am planning, once again, to make my list of all-time favorite video games, after several months of not bringing the subject up here at the Dojo.

Now, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (because your life totally revolves around me and my lists), because I don’t have a set timeframe for when I will be doing this, but I thought it’d be nice to inform everyone that I am indeed planning this once again.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, to echo some of my past writings, I have never “officially” compiled my list of all-time favorite video games anywhere. And of course, once you do it once, it seems like you should wait a good while before you think about doing it again, otherwise the list may feel like it doesn’t mean anything. I love video games, and like to think I know a thing or two about them.

So basically, I want my first go at making an all-time favorites list one that wouldn’t need to be revised for a good while, and that can accurately reflect my love and (supposed) knowledge of games themselves.

Of course, this brings me to why I have not yet set a deadline for myself: I may want to wait until the end of 2017/beginning of 2018. Why? Because 2017 is proving to be a really great year for video games, with Breath of the Wild already making a big difference in how my list would have otherwise looked.

I will let my readers and fellow bloggers give their two cents on if I should wait that long or not. But again, I want to make sure I get this right the first time so that, when I inevitably do revise it, it’s because I’ve played more fantastic games that deserve placement, and not because I regret anything the first time around (of course, considering this list is entirely based on personal opinion, perhaps I’m just overthinking all of this).

Speaking of my fellow bloggers, I of course invite some of them to join in the festivities and compile their own lists of favorite video games. Preferably around the same time I end up making mine so we can all link to each other’s lists and make it one big, special event. But they can make them whenever, should they choose to partake.

The following bloggers are officially invited to make their own lists along with me.

Mike and Jack from Miketendo64

Matt from NintendoBound

Alex from After Story Gaming

And the other Alex from Mr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews

Also, the door is always open for Red Metal of Extra Life Reviews to join in should he choose, but that’s up to him.

The only real rule I have for your lists – should you choose to accept them – is that they consist of at least ten games. You can list more than ten, but no less. Because a top nine just sounds goofy. Otherwise, list whatever games are your favorites. Staunch exceptionalist that I am, I’m perfectly okay with things like multiple entries from a single franchise (it’s a list of favorites/bests, there’s no place for the “everybody gets a trophy” mentality here). So yeah, a minimum of ten is the only rule.

Again, whether or not I make my list within the next few months or at the dawn of 2018, I’m not sure yet. I’d love for you guys to give a little say-so on that. And should any of my fellow bloggers want to join in on this endeavor (Spoiler alert: some of them do because I talked to them on Twitter), then that’s just swell!

On an unrelated note, I hope to have some news in regards to my personal studies on video game design soon. Because I don’t just want to write about games. I’d like to make them one day, too.

What’s that? This post is entirely arbitrary? And I mostly just recycled aforementioned information and thought I could pass it off as new because I haven’t talked about it in a while? I’m making a complete what of myself? and now I’m making it worse by repeating everything you say over the microphone?

Oh, c’mon, don’t tell me you don’t get the reference! Okay, I’m done writing now. See you later.