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The 500th Blog Spectacularsaurus Indominus 2: Turbo Hyper Fighting: Championship Edition




That’s right, dear childrens. The Wizard Dojo has gone from one milestone and dived immediately into another. After writing 200 video game reviews, I have now etched my way to 500 total blogs here at the Dojo. Saints be praised! Credenza’s alive!

Of course, reaching such a milestone means it’s now time to throw dignity out the window and bombard you all with stupid gifs and stuff.

“Still better animation than Mass Effect: Andromeda.”

Yeah, I know it’s considered tacky to brag, but oh well. It took a lot of hard work and spelling errors to get here. So I’m going to brag a little bit. Besides, it beats all the faux self-deprecation all those celebrities do to feign humility. So I shall brag away!

Even Princess Peach has arrived for the occasion!

Surely this most five-hundrediest of blogs is a special occasion! Time to watch Godzilla do a happy dance!


In all seriousness, I thank all of you, my dear readers, for keeping me going. But more importantly, I’d like to thank ME for being able to write all these posts.

In a more serious note of seriousness, let’s take a moment to celebrate this in some ways other than gifs and dancing Godzillas. First, let’s start with my second batch of answers for my Ask Me Anythings. Continue reading

200 Video Game Reviews!

“Sadly, this isn’t one of the game’s I’ve reviewed…”

Now I’ve done it. I’ve really done it! My review for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is my 200th video game review here at Wizard Dojo!

That’s right, childrens. Wizard Dojo now houses 200 different video game reviews, all written by yours truly. From all-time greats like Super Mario Bros. 3 to atrocious disasters like Dark Castle, I have become a bicentennial man of video game reviewing-blogging things.

I launched Wizard Dojo on Christmas day 2014, with the very first post published on the site being my review of the stellar Mario Kart 8. Within my first year, I managed to crank out my first 100 game reviews, and although the next hundred took me a wee bit longer, they’ve all been well worth the effort.

From Mario Kart 8 to Breath of the Wild, you can find all of my video game reviews in one snug place over on the game reviews page, or you can just skip to the cream of the crop and check out the page that directs to my exclusive list of games I’ve awarded a perfect 10 or a near-perfect 9.5.

There are still plenty of other games I own that I have yet to review, as well as a number of games on the horizon you can be sure I’ll check out. I’m not sure if I can keep up this same pace of video game reviewing – what with life and all that, not to mention my continuing efforts in learning game design, and my hopes to soon begin creating some YouTube stuff or something -but I’ll try to break them out whenever I can.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of what I’ve had to say, even in my most contrarian of times. I love writing (even if my errors are apparent and plentiful), so I hope you’ve had some fun, or maybe gained some interest, with what I’ve had to say about these first 200 games.

My next gaming milestones are 250 and 300, so I guess I’ll be seeing you then… Or, y’know, I’ll be writing another filler post with a gif or two then.

Thank you, my loyal readers, for giving me incentive to keep writing my opinions on the medium we all love. I couldn’t have done it without you. Well… I guess I could have, since I’m writing my own opinions on games, but without you I’d just be writing this for myself to read. And that’d make me look like a weirdo.

Thanks again, good peoples!

“Luigi is so happy about my 200 video game reviews, he’s crying!”

WrestleMania 33 Review

Let’s do something a little different and talk about wrestling! Granted, I’m predominantly a video games and movies man, and this is a predominantly video games and movies site, so who knows how many of my readers will actually give a care. But oh well, I like wrestling, WrestleMania is the biggest wrestling event of the year, so I’m going to write about it.

I haven’t talked about wrestling much here at the Dojo (save for my WWE awards as part of my Christmas blogs, and of course when reviewing wrestling-based video games), but due to the ending of WrestleMania 33, I just had to write a little something. So let’s give this a shot.

As a whole, I thought it was one of the better WrestleManias of recent years. Admittedly, the build-up could have used some extra work (as was the case for the past few years), but in terms of execution, it was probably one of the most consistent WrestleManias I can recall. I don’t think there were any matches that will go down as classics (which is, quite worryingly, a trend of the past few Manias), but there was also nothing really bad about it. There were no duds, and that’s always a bonus. Continue reading

Another Step Forward

Hello again, dear readers! It’s time for another update on some of my goings-on with my dabblings in video game design… which at this point is pretty much just sprite editing/animating. Yeah, you may not be interested, but I’m going to write about it anyway, because I’m a jerk, and this is my site so I can do what I want.

Anyway, here is my latest sprite.

Obviously, his “animation” is nothing to boast about, and there are some obvious inconsistencies/flaws going on here, but I will at least say I think I did a somewhat decent job with the light from his lantern reflecting off of him. At least for this being my first shot at such a thing, I thought it was decent.

Perhaps the aspect of this ghostly lantern fellow that I’m most proud of is simply that this is the first sprite I’ve made based on something I originally drew on paper. Now, I’m certainly no great artist (to put it lightly), but I do love to draw. And taking something I drew on paper and making a sprite out of it has certainly given me an even greater appreciation for everything that goes into game making and art direction. Just finding ways to make this guy work through pixels proved to be a time-consuming challenge.

Once again, I’m not sure if I’ll continue to write about these updates. It really just depends on how much people would want to hear about more, I suppose. But I certainly don’t want to come across like I’m tooting my own horn. Once again, I’m just learning the basics, and I have a long way to go before I officially start making something that’s playable. But I’m really enjoying this process, and hope that it one day leads me to making my very first video game, which would be a dream come true.

So if anyone wants to see more of what I make down the road, or wants an update on my progression in game making, just let me know I suppose. And if you’d actually want to see some of my drawn artwork (I use that term loosely here), you can let me know about that as well (though I’m warning you it’s nothing to brag about…at all). While you’re at it, you can also let me know what you think about my ghost lantern man, and if you might want to see more weird creatures/characters such as him in whatever game I eventually make (I have a few ideas, so deciding on what to do for my first game will be interesting, to say the least).

So yeah. There’s that guy. I don’t know how to wrap this up… I guess I’ll just stop writing now.

You Don’t Have to Look Like a Character to Relate With Them

Now it’s time for something more controversial. Well, it shouldn’t be controversial, because what I’m about to say is based on individualistic ideals. But in this day and age when everyone is so “politically correct” it seems like it’s considered taboo to see people as individuals instead of simply identifying them by skin color or sexual orientation. But I’m going to say it anyway.

Simply put, I detest this recent idea that people need a fictional character to fit into their demographic in order to relate with them. It serves only to shoehorn characters into media that often have no defining characteristics other than fitting into said demographic, and ultimately only serves for the people who threw the character into the mix to give themselves a pat on the back for how “inclusive” they are.

All this ends up doing is damaging stories and the characters themselves. You can’t simply toss in characters solely for the sake of representing a specific group, and expect there to be anything more to those characters. They just become a token, which is more insulting than anything else.

What I really can’t stand is that media is forcing this idea on people that it’s necessary for movies, games, TV shows, etc. to include such token characters, because if they don’t, then they “aren’t being inclusive” and are “backwards thinking” and crap like that. They insist that entertainment needs these characters in order for people who belong to any given group to relate with them.

That’s a load of BS.

At the end of the day, we’re all people. Things like skin color and sexuality don’t mean a damn thing. We all understand emotion, and any given person can potentially relate to any character, provided there’s an emotional connection to be had.

If you want a good example of what I mean, take a look at Bambi. Bambi is a film where the characters aren’t even human, but it doesn’t stop us from feeling sad when Bambi’s mother is shot by a hunter. It’s a sad moment, one that any human can feel for, even if the characters in question are deer.

These days, you’ll always hear people say how a certain movie or game wasn’t “inclusive” enough, because it didn’t include a character that belonged to X group of people. But why does that matter so much? What should be important are the story and characters themselves (and in terms of games, the gameplay). If you have good enough characters, and are given reasons to care for them, why does it matter what they look like?

Now, I’m not saying anything against the inclusions of such characters, but you can’t just shoehorn them in just to fill a quota. That will only end up hurting the stories they are a part of. They’ll just be empty characters that will exist for the sole purpose of the production crew being able to pat themselves on the back.

It’s entirely shallow to think that someone can only relate with a character if they look similar or have the same lifestyle as themselves, to the point of being insulting.

Going back to using Disney as an example, people are always jumping down Disney’s throat to include more ethnic characters in their animated films (something which Disney has actually continued to do for decades). The great irony here being that you’ll see children of all colors wearing t-shirts with Elsa or Moana on them. Kids don’t give a damn about what color the character is, they (rightfully) just love the characters, and relate with them because of who the character is, not what they look like. And that’s exactly as it should be.

Why do we, as adults, now have this idea that it’s impossible to relate with someone who isn’t like us in appearance? It’s just utter nonsense. If a story is good enough, and the characters compelling enough, anyone can relate to them, because we’re all people. If a movie or game just so happens to not include a character from a certain background, that doesn’t mean that movie or game has anything against people of that background. Stories have to care about stories first. They shouldn’t have to feel the need to mark a checklist of “inclusiveness.”

After all, it would be impossible to manage to squeeze in representation for every existing group of people, and still tell a coherent story with meaningful characters. Should a movie just be an extended clip of people walking in a line, with each person who walks by the screen fitting into a different group? Yeah, that would make for some good entertainment.

Again, it’s incredibly shallow to think someone can’t identify with a character if they don’t fit square peg into the same demographic. People are people, and anyone should be able to relate with a good story and memorable characters. We can all relate to emotion. No one can relate to a token.

Ask Me Anything! 2: The Sequel

Peach Bomber

I did this only a number of months ago, and didn’t plan on doing this again. But seeing as I now have over 450 blogs, the 500 blog milestone is my next stop. Seeing as that’s the halfway point to 1000, this seems like the biggest milestone so far. So I thought why not try this again?

And by this I mean an “ask me anything” kind of this. I didn’t get a whole lot of questions last time, nor do I expect a whole lot this time. But it would be just another fun thing to do.

So yeah, feel free to ask me anything you’d like in the comments to this post (or another post even, just specify that it’s for this AMA). You can ask me about my blog, my opinions on stuff, my progress on game-making, the eventual video game I hope to make, stuff like that.

I will then answer these questions as part of my 500th blog, which should be within the next couple months if I keep this pace up.

So, if you have anything you’d like to ask me, feel free to ask it. And thanks for putting up with this filler blog post.

Where My 2016 Awards At? (Also Something About Undertale)


We’re a third of the way through February, and I have yet to do my annual video game and movie awards. I know your life revolves around such things, so surely you are in a panic wondering where they went. Fret not, dear childrens, for my annual awards are on the way.

Once again, real life and other endeavors have been postponing some of my writings here, and even some of my gaming time. I’ve only just started playing Final Fantasy XV and a couple of other 2016 favorites, so I’m waiting until I put a little more time into them before I make any final decisions.

My video game awards will be arriving shortly. As for my movie awards, I may simply do my list of top 10 films of 2016 this year, instead of awarding different categories and such. Not because I think any less of movies than I do of games (they are both my great loves), but just for time purposes.

So yeah, that’s going to happen soon, along with a few more reviews for games and movies, and perhaps another update or two on how my game making/sprite animating is going.

Also, in an entirely unrelated note, I think I’m going to be upping my score of Undertale from a 9.0 to a 9.5. That game has just really stuck with me. The only question is, on my 10 and 9.5 games page, do I list Undertale from the date I originally reviewed it, or the date when I upped it to a 9.5?

Oh well. Trifles. Just look forward to the crap I write and enjoy Undertale and stuff.