Get it? Links!

Link Wizard Dojo Elsewhere

Wizard Dojo YouTube Channel: It’s not much at the moment, but hopefully I’ll start adding “meaningful” content here soon.

Facebook Page: Why not give me a like? Please?! I’m desperate!

My Mario Maker Courses: Play them and give me stars!

Other awesome sites by other awesome people!



The best Nintendo reviews around! All around great write-ups on gaming, animation and music.

Link After Story

A great source of gaming reviews and in-depth opinions. Amazing content!

LinkExtra Life Reviews 

Some of the most in-depth video game reviews you’ll find.








One of the best Nintendo sites around. If it’s “news, reviews and personal views” of all things Nintendo you’re after, this is the place to go. Also, I write for them from time to time. So there’s that.





LinkMr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews

Another great source for video game reviews. Primarily those found on Nintendo consoles. Plus, pandas.





LinkVery Very Gaming

very good website about video games. You see what I did there?

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      1. themancalledscott Post author

        Sounds good! And if you want, you can join me and a few others in making a list of your favorite video games when the time comes (I was planning May for myself, but now I’m feeling more July/August-ish).

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