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The 500th Blog Spectacularsaurus Indominus 2: Turbo Hyper Fighting: Championship Edition




That’s right, dear childrens. The Wizard Dojo has gone from one milestone and dived immediately into another. After writing 200 video game reviews, I have now etched my way to 500 total blogs here at the Dojo. Saints be praised! Credenza’s alive!

Of course, reaching such a milestone means it’s now time to throw dignity out the window and bombard you all with stupid gifs and stuff.

“Still better animation than Mass Effect: Andromeda.”

Yeah, I know it’s considered tacky to brag, but oh well. It took a lot of hard work and spelling errors to get here. So I’m going to brag a little bit. Besides, it beats all the faux self-deprecation all those celebrities do to feign humility. So I shall brag away!

Even Princess Peach has arrived for the occasion!

Surely this most five-hundrediest of blogs is a special occasion! Time to watch Godzilla do a happy dance!


In all seriousness, I thank all of you, my dear readers, for keeping me going. But more importantly, I’d like to thank ME for being able to write all these posts.

In a more serious note of seriousness, let’s take a moment to celebrate this in some ways other than gifs and dancing Godzillas. First, let’s start with my second batch of answers for my Ask Me Anythings. Continue reading


The Wizard Dojo/Miketendo 64 Alliance!


Good news, everyone! The Wizard Dojo is now officially an affiliate of fellow great blog Miketendo64!

What does this mean, exactly? Simply put, it means I’ll be sharing much of my content with Miketendo64. Don’t worry, nothing will change here at the Dojo, but expect to see many of my Nintendo-related reviews and Nintendo-related not-reviews over on Miketendo64 as well. If it tickles my fancy, I may even write some original content for them as well!

With this newfound partnership, I will be contributing content to the great Miketendo64, whilst also getting my material a wider readership. So it’s a win/win, really.

Once again, do not fret. For I shall continue to update the Dojo as I always have, with reviews and rants galore. So enjoy my writings here as well as give a looksy to the kind folks over at Miketendo64.