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Wizard Dojo Interviews YouTube’s Arlo!

What’s that? Wizard Dojo is doing interviews now? Evidently so! Allow me to introduce the first-ever Wizard Dojo interview, with none other than Arlo from the YouTube! Everyone’s favorite fuzzy, blue monster video game reviewer was kind enough to take the time to sit down with the Dojo for this interview (I totally didn’t just send him direct messages on Twitter and wait for a response), and shared with the Dojo answers to some lingering questions about his gaming tastes, preferences, and history. Be sure to check out Arlo’s YouTube channel for more of the much-needed quality content and insight he brings to the gaming community.

But here I am rambling. You’re here for Arlo. Okay, okay, here’s the interview.

WD. What made you want to start making YouTube videos?

Arlo: I’ve been interested in video production since I was a kid–playing around with my dad’s camera, making silly little bits and animation pieces, that sort of thing. When Youtube started to become popular it seemed like the natural way to make videos that could finally be seen by people. So I suppose the answer is is that Youtube existing made me want to start making Youtube videos, ha.

WD. How long have you been a gamer?

Arlo: My first console was the Sega Genesis and my first two games were Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles, so I must have been seven or eight. I turn thirty this year, making me something like twenty-two years a gamer.

WD. What are your three favorite video game franchises?

Arlo: If I’ve got to boil it down I’ll say Pikmin, Zelda, and Metroid. Either Mass Effect or Paper Mario would have bumped down Metroid if certain things hadn’t, eh…let’s say “happened to them.”

WD. What series would you say you have the biggest love/hate relationship with?

Arlo: Hey, I think I smell a loaded question! Yeah, it’s probably Paper Mario. There are plenty of series that have caused me both great joy and great sorrow, but Paper Mario might be the biggest one. Thousand Year Door set the bar so high that anything other than pure greatness would forever let me down.

WD. Has any gaming console particularly influenced your taste in gaming?

Arlo: All my favorite consoles are Nintendo ones, and I’ve consistently loved Nintendo games, so technically I don’t think I can say any of them specifically had a big impact on my tastes per se. The Xbox 360 was probably the biggest influencer, because it was what introduced me to all sorts of new genres. I thought I was a Nintendo guy through and through and stayed away from shooters and stuff like that, but after getting a 360 for Rock Band and Guitar Hero I started to try out stuff like Mass Effect and Bioshock. Over time that kind of led into other non-Nintendo series as well, and now I feel that I enjoy more types of games than ever. The 360 opened a door away from Nintendo, in a sense.

WD. Is there any game most people dislike that you secretly (or not so secretly) enjoy?

Arlo: Probably Star Fox Adventures. It’s a terrible Star Fox game, and it’s packed with quirks that drag the whole experience down, but there’s just something endearing about it. I have a natural love of adventure games, and there’s a little nostalgia factor in there, plus all the weird voice acting and dinosaur language… Something about it just sits right with me, even if on something of a shallow level. I’ll never tell you it’s a great game, but it’s fun to sit down with every once in a while.

WD. You are obviously very excited about the announcement of Metroid Prime 4, what’s another dream game you’d like to see become a reality?

Arlo: The obvious answer is a true “Paper Mario 3,” but according to Nintendo there’s no way that will happen. Then my mind jumps to Pikmin 4, but that’s basically confirmed already. So let’s see, Resident Evil already went back to being good, Super Mario Odyssey is just about everything I could want in a Mario game, Mass Effect is dead… This is hard! I think I’ll just go with “Metroid 5.” A new, original 2D Metroid with some of the grand, cinematic elements introduced in Other M but with the truly open format of Super. And if we’re really talking dream material here, a 3D Mario where you go on a straight-up adventure like in Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi, with hammers and towns and a story and all that.

WD. The big question (if you don’t mind revealing this here)… Top 5 favorite games of all time?

Arlo: It’s like impossible to nail down the five best ones, but I’m going to start listing my favorite games until I run out of spaces:

Metroid Prime

Twilight Princess

Pikmin 2

Mass Effect

Resident Evil 4

WD. Any closing words you’d like to say to your fans?

Arlo: As always, the most important thing to say is thanks! I can’t even believe that there are so many awesome, supportive people out there that like to watch videos featuring my ugly mug, and I can’t possibly thank you all enough!

Many, many thanks to Monsieur Arlo for taking the time for this interview. Once again, you can find all of Arlo’s fantastic content at his YouTube channel. It’s well worth it.


The 600th Blog Spectacularsaurus!

Am I going to re-use Bobby Roode’s theme music on all of my centennial blogs? Probably. Because it’s GLORIOUS!


That’s right, my dear childrens, I have now amassed 600 blogs here at the Dojo! Please, no need for applause. Just throw money.

Technically speaking, this is the 604th overall blog on this site, thanks to the recent efforts of AfterStory, who is so kind to help contribute to my Dojo. But we’re keeping our milestones separated, because it’s easier to keep track of. And since this is my 600th blog, I’m celebrating.



To be honest, this milestone post may be a relatively short one, seeing as I have a number of reviews I want to get to writing. Plus, this is the 600th blog. Seems kind of like a decently random milestone, at least when compared to 500.

Am I just making excuses for laziness? Maybe. But those reviews aren’t going to write themselves, you know. I’m totally going to write more meaningful content once I’m done here. I’m not just going to go eat a sandwich or something.


You can never eat too many sandwiches.

Come to think of it, I’m actually surprised I’ve managed to reach this 600th blog milestone right now. I started Wizard Dojo back on Christmas day of 2014, so I’ve managed to reach this mark in a little under three years. Am I that dedicated? Or do I just have too much time on my hands?

Well, whatever the case, I’m happy I’ve managed to maintain this site in the way I have. I know, that sounds like I’m giving myself a pat on the back, but with the way I’ve seen blogs come and go, I’m happy that I’ve been able to continuously share my opinions and critiques on the things I love. I know some people just don’t have the time to maintain their sites, and that’s perfectly understandable, life has gotten in the way of my own writings quite frequently. But I always want to make sure I have some new content as frequently as possible, so that the kind people who take their time to read what I write have a little something to enjoy (that, and I’m an opinionated bastard, so I have no shortage of things to write about).

So thank you, dear readers. You make every update I make worth it. I hope you find some interest and/or entertainment from the Wizard Dojo. I love video games and movies, so hopefully, that love shows in the things I write.

I must admit, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up this pace. Now now, no need to fear, I’ll keep the updates coming, but if I ever want to actually make a video game of my own some day, I have to dedicate more of my spare time to that. Again, I’ll keep this site alive no matter what it takes, but making my own video game(s) is something of a dream of mine, so I have to pursue that as well.

But that’s a little bit down the road. I hope to maintain at least a similar flow of updates for the rest of 2017 anyway. I have a number of video games that need a reviewin’, and I also think I’ll soon be dedicating a bit more of this site to animated movies. I feel I used to have a decent balance on which subject I wrote about between games and animation, but this past year or so seems like video games have completely taken the focus on this site. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I love video games. But I would like to reclaim some of that balance. Perhaps after I hit 300 game reviews, or when I finally make my list of favorite games, I’ll shift some of that focus back. I don’t know. I’m rambling at this point.

I’ve also been tempted to start writing on TV series in some capacity, but I can’t see myself dedicating as much time to writing about them as movies or games. TV shows are just a bigger, more demanding commitment. By the time it would take to watch one season of most TV shows and write one review on it, I could watch several movies or play several games and crank out a ton of reviews. TV shows are still something I would like to write about to some degree though, particularly after I’ve fallen in love with Twin Peaks over this past Summer (which explains the sudden boom of Twin Peaks gifs around here). Maybe for my tippy-toppy favorite shows, I’ll write a thing or two here and there.

I’ve also been tempted to share some of my creative writing or drawing on here. But I don’t know about that. I’m no great artist by any stretch, but I love to draw the silly little characters and creatures that spawn from my mind. Perhaps I could share some of my concept sketches for potential video game ideas? I don’t know. I’m rambling again.

Wow, this is the most boring milestone post ever! I’m just going on and on about the things I might do with this site. Geez, I’ve probably put anyone reading this to sleep before they even made it halfway to this point.

Well, I better wrap tis up before things grow even more dull. So once again, I give a big thanks to all you lovely people who continue to help my site grow, and make my writing worthwhile. I hope you look forward to all the video game and movie reviews I have lined up, and whatever other crap I decide to write as well. And I hope you look forward to whatever other creative endeavors the future holds for me.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Let’s end things with the Samurai Pizza Cats theme song!

I Has a SNES Classic!

Huzzah! I hath managed to snag an SNES Classic Edition! Or SNES Mini… whatever you wanna call it.

Okay, I still have an original SNES (it’s still positioned just to the left of my Switch seen in this picture), but seeing as it’s my favorite console of all time, and the most timeless video game console yet created, I just had to have this special item.

Getting a hold of one of these babies wasn’t easy though, as my sleep depravation and noodle-like legs from waiting in long lines will attest to. I had to try a couple of different stores before I ended up getting one (I got the 15th console out of an available 19 at the location I got mine). Yeesh, I really wish Nintendo could just meet the demand for their products for once.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this isn’t to brag about the fact that I actually managed to get an SNES Classic, but just to say that I plan on writing some reviews for many of the games included in the SNES Classic. Obviously, I’ve already reviewed some of the games included in the console (Including a perfect 10 review for Super Mario World), but a good chunk of the games included are classics I have yet to cover on this site. So expect that to change soon, with reviews for such revered games as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy III, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, and basically all the others that I haven’t already reviewed. It will be over time, of course, I still need to finish reviewing the games of Rare Replay, and there are a few contemporary releases I hope to review in the coming months. I also plan on finally reviewing GameCube games, starting with Super Mario Sunshine. Seeing as Odyssey will be a return to the “sandbox style” of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, it just seems like a good time.

So yeah, expect some more SNES reviews in the coming weeks. I’m happy to own the SNES Classic Edition… even if it does come with the baffling exclusions of Donkey Kong Country 2 and Chrono Trigger! Seriously, why aren’t they on there? Both were among the best games on the console, and some of the best of all time! Okay, so I suppose in the case of Chrono Trigger, Square-Enix might have been their usual, Square-Enix selves and wouldn’t allow it (I’m actually pretty shocked the SNES Classic includes Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy III, to be honest). But there’s no excuse I can think of for DKC2’s omission. It’s Donkey Kong! One of Nintendo’s own franchises! They own it! How can it not…


Excuse me. I kind of lost my cool there… Anyway…

I’ll try to get to some of those SNES reviews ASAP. Between them and those other reviews I mentioned, I have my next few months of game reviews covered. I’ll even try to get to reviewing Chrono Trigger soon, seeing as I have the DS version staring me in the face (I still want it on the SNES Classic though). As for DKC2, well, it sucks that what is probably my favorite 2D platformer isn’t on the SNES Classic, but you can always enjoy the review I wrote of it on the game’s 20th anniversary (which is another of the very few 10/10s I’ve dished out).

Oh, and one more thing. Although I have a crap-ton of video games I need to get to reviewing, I still plan on increasing my output of movie reviews. Because I’m crazy.

A Most Necessary Update

Yikes! Has it really been a week since I wrote anything here? Dang, I had successfully written at least one blog per week for the better part of two and a half years, but I think this is maybe the second time where a week has past in between posts. I sincerely apologize, just been busy and whatnot. Hopefully I can pick up the pace.

I guess I may as well fill you lovely people in on a few things. For one, my reviews of the games included in Rare Replay will continue. Though seeing as I already reviewed Conker’s Bad Fur Day some time ago, I may write a different sort of blog on that unique game at some point soon. Also, I keep saying this, but this time I mean it, I will do some more movie reviews soon. Mostly animated, of course. But others as well. I actually have a list of a few movies I’d like to review relatively soon.

“Naturally, more Twin Peaks gifs are a must.”

Also – and good heavens, do I dread writing about this again – I’ve been rethinking my deadline for my Favorite Games of All Time list for the umpteenth time. Now, I don’t think I’ll delay it for very long, probably around early February as opposed to late January, but there’s a reason for this. January will, of course, be the time I do my movie and video game awards for 2017, but it will probably be a good time to catch up on whatever 2017 games I’m interested in that I haven’t given the time to. Because 2017 has had no shortage of stellar video games, and they’re just spilling over. The metaphorical glass of great 2017 video games is just too full.

Of course, some of my fellow bloggers are still invited to make their own lists, yadda yadda yadda, link to each others’ lists, make it a bigger deal. Rinse and repeat.

One more note about my list, it will probably contain 30 games total, but the games listed from 21 to 30 either A) Won’t be numbered or B) the numbering won’t matter at that point. Because, in all honesty, who the hell has a twenty-seventh favorite of anything? Top five? Of course! Top ten? Definitely! Hell, even numbers 11-15 feel like the interchangeable alternatives for the top ten, the ones that could make the cut on a different day. After fifteen it gets a little murkier, but at least 16-20 can be seen as the “honorable mentions.” After that, you’re basically just listing a bunch of stuff you think is awesome, which could potentially be replaced with other such things that are just as awesome.

Wow, why am I writing all of this? Am I so starved for writing a blog that I’m just jotting down everything passing through my head right now? Shen Yun spicy ramen sure is delicious. That recent Nintendo Direct sure was great. Wait, what?

Oh yeah, and hopefully I’ll get to writing more top five and ten lists and such. Haven’t done any of those in a while.

So yeah, sorry for the relative gap in my writings. I know you need my blogs for sustenance . They are your life force. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the nonsense I have to say, and feed upon my writings like Winnie the Pooh to honey.

250 Video Game Reviews!!

Wowzers! I’ve amassed two-hundred and fifty total video game reviews (as of my Sonic Mania review)! If I do say so myself, that’s quite the massive quantity of video game reviews.

You can revisit all 250 of my video game reviews over on the aptly-titled Game Reviews page. There are also currently three video game reviews by my manservant associate, AfterStory. So there are technically 253 video game reviews on this site, but me and my henchman AfterStory agreed that we – and any potential future writers for the Dojo – would differentiate our reviews. That way we can all have our stupid, gif-filled celebrations whenever we hit a milestone.

Hopefully you enjoy reading my thoughts and opinions on the video game medium, and hold even the tiniest shred of credibility for my reviews. At the very least, I hope you get a good laugh out of them.

If you do like the stuff I write, stay tuned for more to come. No doubt the number of video game reviews will only continue to grow, and I also hope to catch up on animation reviews, and maybe be a little more frequent with my live-action movie reviews and my other, non-review-y writings as well.

Thank you for your readership and support. Happy gaming, y’all. Let’s all do a happy dance!

I Has a Xbox One!

“Behold, my Xbox One! And…the reflection of my Banjo-Kazooie poster.”

Thanks to the generosity of my cousin, I am now the owner of an Xbox One! But I’m not writing this to brag about adding another console to my collection, but because this now means I’ll be reviewing some Xbox One games!

Now, admittedly, there aren’t as many games on the Xbox One that I’m as interested in as the Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch (or the Wii U…may it rest in peace). But there are definitely a few games I’ve really been wanting to review for the system, as well as some on the horizon (Cuphead, for example).

My cousin also gave me his copy of The Master Chief Collection, and I picked up a copy of Rare Replay. So now I can review (most of) the Halo games without having to re-buy the previous Xbox consoles, and a good slew of old Rare games (some of which I admittedly already own in their original forms, but many others I don’t). Granted, I still need to get some original Xbox One games to review, but what I have for the system already gives me a large amount of upcoming reviews on their own.

Again, as far as gaming goes, I think the PS4 and Switch (and the SNES, always the SNES) will remain my main focuses here at the Dojo. But it’s great to finally be able to catch up on what the Xbox One has to offer.

About That Fork in the Road (to my List of Favorite Video Games)…

This is the last time. This is the last time I’m going to bring up my eventual list of favorite before I actually get to finalizing it (probably…no promises).

Okay, I’m not going to repeat myself entirely, so I suggest reading my last entry about the two different types of lists I could make. And then come back here and read the rest of this.

Seeing as I’ve played many games that have left some sort of impact on me or another, figuring out ways to narrow them down and pick what goes where can be difficult. And as I’ve stated ad nauseam, this will be the first time I’ve “officially” made such a list and I want to get it right. Yadda yadda yadda.

Though my aforementioned last post about this more or less explained the two different types of list I could make: one focusing on the quality of my favorite games alone dictating their placement, no matter how heavily it may favor a specific series or platform; and another list that can find ways to “cheat,” like placing certain games in a tie or selecting fewer representatives of franchises and such as to make a list that better showcases my more eclectic experience in gaming.

In the last post, I also asked my dear readers if they had any preference in which route I should take. Though the first “quality-only” based list is the type that would usually fit my personality (I’m very much the exceptionalist), there are some perks to the second, “eclectic” list.

If I go with the first option, I will probably keep the list simple at 20 games, composed entirely of 9.5 and 10-scoring games, though it’s possible I could add an additional 10 games (bringing the total to 30. That’s math!) to fit in the rest of the games I’d score similarly, plus a select few 9.0s. The second option would pretty much definitely be 30 games, and may not necessarily include every 9.5 or perfect 10, since they could potentially be condensed (I’ve scored Super Mario World a 10 and Super Mario Bros. 3 a 9.5, and since World outweighs SMB3 in my opinion, World could represent both).

Of course, now that I’m writing this, I find myself favoring the first option more and more. But I still see the benefits of the second option.

So I’ll ask this one more time, and then I promise (more or less) that I’m going to shut up about this until I’m properly making the list: Which route do you think I should take? Now, again, these are my favorite games, and my list, so the final decision is mine and mine alone. But since I’ve had so much trouble compiling this damn thing, I’d figured I’d ask my faithful readers one more time which list they’d prefer, with their input hopefully helping me make a decision.

Option 1: Quality and personal regard above all else (and should it be 20 or 30 titles).

Option 2: A little more variety.


Alright, that’s that. Next time I talk about this, I’ll be in the process of finalizing the list.


What’s that? You think I’m only writing this again because I haven’t written a blog in a week’s time and I needed something to write? Oh, you!