The 2016 Christmas Special/Two Year Anniversary Celebration!!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! How about that Rogue One, eh?


Yes indeed, it’s Christmas Day 2016. That alone is reason enough to celebrate – what with all the figgy puddings and jolly, fat prowlers delivering presents via chimneys – but it’s twice the special occasion here at the Dojo, as Christmas marks the anniversary of Wizard Dojo’s launch!

That’s right, my loyal minions, Wizard Dojo originally launched on Christmas day 2014, meaning that today marks the second anniversary of this site!

Okay, so the domain name and stuff was set up a few days prior, but who cares? What matters is the content, and I started publishing content on Christmas of 2014. So that’s the anniversary.

Yep, it all started with my review of the excellent Mario Kart 8 (though I published numerous other reviews and such on the same day, Mario Kart 8 was the first). Since then, I’ve written over one-hundred and fifty video game reviews, over one-hundred animation reviews, and some other crap too! I’ve even joined forces with Miketendo64!


While I still have yet to compile my list of all-time favorite video games (here’s to 2017!), 2016 ended up being a productive second year for the Dojo. Here’s hoping that 2017 is all the more productive!

But let’s cut the crap and get to the good stuff. It’s Christmas! And that means it’s time to write an extensive bit of nonsense. Think of the following as the closest thing to a Christmas gift that a blogger can give his readership.


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Animation Month Continues! (Plus Another Unfortunate Update on my List of Favorite Video Games)


Although I’ve popped out a decent number of reviews for animated films throughout November, as was the plan as said month was dubbed “Animation Month” by yours truly, I didn’t get around to writing everything I wanted on the subject. As such, Animation Month will spill into some of December as well. Hopefully I can get to writing a few more animation reviews, as well as getting to some of those top 5 and 10 lists. Of course, I also have a couple of video game reviews planned, as well as my 2016 Christmas Special.

Howard and Nester

Sadly, as you probably expected, this also means that my long-long-promised list of favorite video games is delayed once again. I’m not going to give an estimation of when I’ll get to it, since that clearly hasn’t worked thus far. Instead, I’m going to wait until I hit 200 video game reviews (currently at 160), and then start writing it. Once it’s near completion, I will announce when I’ll probably get around publishing it. Hopefully some of my fellow gaming bloggers will still want to make their own lists around that time, as was the original plan. Sorry for the delays. I know this is devastating news for you all. How can life go on?

On a more actually-got-something-done note, I’ve now made a page dedicated to all the animated films I’ve given a perfect and near-perfect score to, similar to the other one I made about the vidya games. Have a look if you want.

November is Animation Month!


While I still plan on reviewing a few video games in November, for the most part, I’m going to dedicate this month to catching up on my reviews for animated films. It seems like my animation reviews have taken a backseat for far too long now, so I figured prioritizing them for a month would be a nice way to get things back on track.

I figured November would be a good time to do this, because later this month, Disney’s Moana will be released. Seeing as Disney is the most popular animation studio in the world, the release of their latest animated film seemed like a good excuse to get this going.

I have a lineup of Disney animation reviews I want to get done before then, but I should also be writing on other animated films as well, notably Pixar and Studio Ghibli.

This also gives me an excuse to get back to writing some of those lists I had planned back in my “Pixar month” back in June (which sadly fell flat with very little to it).

Again, I’ll still be writing some video game stuff, but November will be mostly dedicated to animated films. Of course, this may change some of the plans I had for December (meaning my list of Best Games Ever may be delayed for the umpteenth time), but nothing’s set in stone just yet. So I guess I’ll keep you posted in that area.

For now, I hope you enjoy whatever I end up writing about animated films.

The 400th Blog Spectacularsaurus Indominus!!


The Dojo has amassed four-hundred blogs! Huzzah! Praise me and shower me with money!

That’s right, my good peoples, Wizard Dojo is now sitting pretty at the big four-O-O. Such milestone.

A big thanks to all my continued readers as well as my new readers, for giving me an audience to write this stuff for.

Inside Out

Now then… Let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns!).

A short while back I wrote an “ask me anything” blog, and now it’s time to answer what was asked of me. Hold onto your hats, as I have a full five people to answer! Such readership.

Answer you Everything!


Revaryk asked: What are some of the games you’ve been playing lately?

My Answer: I’m currently playing through Paper Mario: Color Splash, Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, and have still been squeezing in some Overwatch time with friends.

Matt asked:  (1) What are you Proud of?

My answer: Dang…that’s deep. I’m not even quite sure how to answer that. If you mean what am I proud of about myself… I suppose my creativity and my dedication. But I’m guessing you meant outside of myself, in which case there’s a lot to be proud of. I’m proud of all the people who can keep on keeping on despite all the crap that life might throw their way. Yeah, that’s a good answer. Let’s go with that for now.

 (2) Who is the person (famous or otherwise) that you admire the most?

My answer: Yikes, more deep, tough questions. I’m not sure I can list just one person. I’d feel too guilty about naming just one of my siblings or other family members, so can I just lump them together so I don’t have to? Yeah, that’s a total cop out, but you kind of put me in a tight spot here.

At the very least, I guess I can name Hayao Miyazaki and Shigeru Miyamoto as famous figures I admire on an inspirational level.

Oh yeah, and I can’t forget my dog.

Chewbacca T. Dog

(3) What is the place you want to visit most?

My answer: Japan. Yeah yeah, totally predictable answer coming from someone who writes about video games and animated films and such. But I guess I’m a predictable person. I like Japanese culture, and they make all that stuff I like. Plus, Japan’s as obsessed with Disney’s Frozen as I am.


AfterStory asked: (1) What grinds your gears more: Limbo or Bioshock Infinite?

My answer: Although I rated Limbo with a lower score than Bioshock Infinite, I have to say I think I get more annoyed by the latter. While Limbo may be an empty game that gets praise just because it insists on itself, Bioshock Infinite is an empty game that gets praise just because it insists on itself…and it’s also hypocritical. And I don’t know, there’s just something so self-aggrandizing about the Bioshock series, and its pedestrian execution of social commentaries, that just annoys the Hell out of me.

(2) What’s a game that the majority hates that you genuinely like?

My answer: Sonic 3D Blast. Yeah… I like it. Also Mega Man 8.

(3) What’s your fondest gaming memory?

My answer: I’m not sure I have just one, but here’s a big one that definitely stands out: waking up on Christmas morning, 1996, to a brand new Nintendo 64, with the four then-new Nintendo plushes (Wing Cap Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong and Yoshi) to go with it. Super Mario 64 on Christmas day… life can be kind of cool some times.

(4) What type of content do you enjoy writing most for your website?

My answer: Ooh, good question! Once again I kind of have to cop out though, since I don’t think I can pick just one thing. I love writing reviews for both games and movies, and I really enjoy making top 5 and top 10 lists (even if I only seem to do them once every blue moon). And naturally, I like writing blogs like this one, where I can just write a bunch of crap and not care too much, and then pelt you with gifs.

"No comment."
“No comment.”

(5) What’s the one thing that irks you about the WordPress writing community? If anything at all?

My answer: Admittedly, I don’t read a whole lot of blogs outside of my small social blogging circle. So I really don’t have a lot to complain about (I’m sure I’d have plenty though if I broadened my blog-reading horizons). Though I suppose it irks me that more of the WordPress writing community doesn’t read my stuff!

Mr. Panda asked: Do you like anime (aside from Ghibli, which I know you like and of course, most people like)?

My answer: Yes I do, though I admit I haven’t exactly watched a whole lot of TV shows for a while now, and that includes anime. I can say though that I enjoy the films of Mamoru Hosoda, and the late Satoshi Kon. So I guess you could say I really like “Ebert List” anime (as some have dubbed them). But I also enjoyed shows like Cowboy Bebop, the original Dragon Ball (Dragon Ball Z is more of a “guilty pleasure”), One Piece, Outlaw Star, and the honor of “show of my childhood” has to go to Digimon (mainly the first season, but also the second. The third season was garbage). I’ve seen a good deal of others as well, but sadly I’ve slowed down as far as series go.

Alex9234 asked: (1) Do you plan on reviewing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE?

My answer: Yes I do… but first I need to buy it. I’m a bit inundated with games I want to review at the moment, and a bit short on cash-money, but it’s definitely on my list og games to catch up on in the not-too-distant future.

(2) Your favorite JRPG?

My answer: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

(3) Your favorite Sega console?

My answer: The Sega Genesis (AKA Mega Drive). Though I do have fond memories of the Saturn and Dreamcast as well.

(4) Do you read manga at all? If so, what are you currently reading?

My answer: Once again, I have read manga in the past, but I haven’t really read anything in a while. Unless we’re counting the recently-released collection of the Super Mario Adventures comic. Then there’s that. Otherwise, I have catching up to do.

(5) What’s the rarest game you own?

My answer: Hmm…That’s a tough question. I used to own E.V.O. on the SNES and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne on the Playstation, but they are now in my brother’s possession. I’m sure I still own some rare gems in a box somewhere… But, if we’re just talking about a rare find and not necessarily a rare game itself, I own a factory-sealed copy of DKC2.


Well, that’s it for the answers to the questions, and I’m really not sure what else to write about here. So I guess I’ll just end with another big thanks to all my readers, but even more importantly, an even bigger thanks to myself! I got to 400 blogs! Wahoo!


Okay, I guess you guys are pretty cool too… I guess.

In all seriousness, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking even just a few minutes out of your day to read the stuff I write. It means a lot.

Now I guess I better get to writing the next several hundred blogs or something.

"Genius at work."
“Genius at work.”

My First 150 Reviewed Video Games…Ranked!

At least one-hundred and fifty, or more to see! To be a Pokemon master is my destinyyy!

That’s right, the Dojo has finally amassed one-hundred and fifty video game reviews! All of which were written by yours truly, of course. Perhaps one day I’ll sucker in some poor souls to help me write this stuff.

Anyway, with these one-hundred and fifty video game reviews, I figured it would be a fun idea to rank each and every last one of those games from least to greatest. While we’re at it, I wonder if anyone can find a way to make a Pokerap parody out of these games?

I’ll keep this introduction short since we have a lot of games to cover. For my full reviews of each game, just check out the Game Reviews page.

Before we move on to the rankings, keep these little notes in mind.

  • Games are ranked by the score I gave them in their respective reviews. Each number scored is akin to its own category, so a game that scored an 8.0, for example, will be weighted against all the other 8.0 games. The list will begin with the lowest score of 1, and will gradually get higher as each game within each score gets better and better.
  • These games are all ranked by personal taste and how well I think they hold up. Things like historical significance and the like don’t matter here at all.
  • This is not my long-promised list of favorite video games (if it were, why would I be putting the games I graded badly on here?). Some of my favorite games do appear here towards the top of course, and may give you a sneak peak into my upcoming favorites of all-time list. But said favorites of all-time list will be happening at a later date, after I’ve reviewed even more games and stuff.
  • The top four are basically interchangeable. Don’t hold it against me if I say something that contradicts this list later.

That’s really all you need to know. Now, let’s see how these 150 games stack up against each other! Continue reading “My First 150 Reviewed Video Games…Ranked!”

1.5s are Back! (and a Couple of Score Changes)

Lester the Unlikely

I hate changing the scores I give at the end of my reviews. Yet here I am doing it again. Hopefully it doesn’t devalue my scoring system too much, but the fact of the matter is opinions can change, and one of the benefits of being an independent blogger is that you can better reflect said changes.

With all that said, I’m actually changing very little so lololololol. Basically, the “big change” is that I am resurrecting the 1.5 score, after it was made long-dormant back in the ancient times of this past July. I still think it’s a bit of a superfluous score in some ways, but I did realize it has some place when I flip-flopped with my score of Batman Forever on SNES (originally scoring it a 2.0, and then switching it to a 1… because it sucks). That game is a broken and clunky mess, but maybe not quite as unplayable as Superman 64 and Wizard of Oz on SNES. Batman Forever still deserves a 1, but if it’s not quite as bad as those other 1s, then I guess the 1.5 kind of makes sense for it. So I’ve brought back the 1.5 score faster than the WWE brought back its brand split, and with it I have reverted Lester the Unlikely back to its original score of 1.5 (I have, however, kept the animated movie The Nut Job at a 1, because it’s ghastly).

Other than that, the only score I’ve really changed recently is for Star Fox Zero, which I played a bit more recently and I realized that, although I still enjoy it, the control issues I pointed out in my review are a bigger issue than my original score of an 8.0 suggested. I haven’t changed it much, but I did lower it slightly to a 7.5, which I feel is better suited for the game.

Yeah, I know. Changing these scores and going back and forth with the 1.5s is a bit flip-floppy. And I apologize for it. Like I said, opinions change, and hopefully changing these scores doesn’t devalue my scoring system too much, since I do take these scores seriously.

I’ll just make it a point to not change my scores anymore. That means I’ll be thinking a bit more in-depth about exactly where a game or movie falls on my rating system, so that I’ll have no reason to rethink it later. After all, I do have a page explaining my rating system (which I’ll probably make more detailed later), so if I can better stick to the descriptions I place for each rank, the less likely I am to second guess myself.

So hopefully you still give my scoring system some credibility, despite these alterations. Again, hopefully it won’t be happening again in the future.

What’s that? This particular blog was pretty unnecessary? I could have just made the changes and let it be? I’m only writing this just to write something to make up for a bit of a slow down in my reviews as of late? Don’t be silly! You joker!

Okay, now I’m going back to writing reviews and lists and stuff…

Ask Me Anything!

Who is this Annie?

It seems I am approaching the 400 blog mark, which means we are approaching yet another blog “spectacularsaurous,” as is the scientific term. I figured I’d think of something to make my forthcoming four-hundredth blog something other than the usual parade of Gifs (though it will also still be a parade of Gifs). And the best I could come up with is a Q and A kind of thing. Hence, “ask me anything.”

Now, when I say “anything” I don’t mean that in an absolutely literal sense. There are still some things that are none of your business, you pervert! But, y’know, any questions you want to drop my way about movies, video games, other interests, and even a few questions about myself are welcome. Maybe a limit of three questions per person, which you can go ahead and leave in the comments of this blog here, which I will answer as part of my 400th blog, which is just around the corner.

Of course, I suspect only my usual commenters to take part in this, which is fine by me. I’m really not that interesting, so there’s no need to be bombarded with questions by a bunch of people. I just thought this would be something fun and different.

So yes, go ahead and leave some questions if you want. And be on the lookout for more reviews and lists and stuff from yours truly in the near future. See you around, I guess…