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10 Cloverfield Lane

About That Fork in the Road (to my List of Favorite Video Games)

A Fork in the Road (to my List of Favorite Video Games)

A Little Something About 10 and 9.5 Games

A Most Necessary Update

An Entirely Unnecessary Explanation About Why I Upped My Score of Inside Out

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the Perfect Game for these Times

Animated Films that Won Live-Action Movie Awards

Animation Month Continues!

Another January Update

Another Step Forward


An Update on my List of Favorite Video Games

Arlo Interview

Artful Vs. Pretentious Game Design or: Why I Don’t Like Many Critical Darlings

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything 2

Ask Me Anything 3

A Step Forward 

Audiences and Fans are Ruining Entertainment

A Very January Update

Beauty and the Beast Turns 30!

The Beauty of Ghostbusters 2’s Optimism

The Beauty of Pixar’s Inside Out

Blogger Recognition Award

Can the Mario RPGs Reclaim Their Glory? 

Coming Soon…ish (My List of Favorite Video Games)

The Curious Case of Finding Dory

Dark Souls and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Coming to Nintendo Switch!


The Difficulty Dilemma

Donkey Kong and Mario Turn 40!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is One of the Most Underrated Nintendo Games Ever 

Don’t Let Classics Become a Thing of the Past

E3 2017: Day 1

E3 2017: Day 2

E3 2017: Day 3

Early Thoughts (And Concerns) On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

EarthBound Beginnings Impressions 

Entertainer Blogger Award

Farewell, Nintendo 3DS

Filmmakers > Nerds

Finally! There’s a New Pokemon Snap

Finding Dory Impressions 

First Thoughts on Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Force Awakens Delivers!

Francis Ford Coppola, You’re Despicable

Frozen and Me

Getting Hyped for E3 2015

Giving Crash His Due

Giving For Honor Its Due

The Good and Bad of The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Good and Bad of Disney’s Live Action Cinderella

Goodbye Wii Shop Channel

Good News and Bad News for Yooka-Laylee

Happy Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween 2021

Happy Mario Day 2018!

Happy New Year 2018

Happy Star Wars Day 2022 + The Avengers Turns 10

How 2019 is a One of a Kind Movie Year

Howl’s Moving Castle Memories

Howl’s Moving Castle: Miyazaki’s Missed Opportunity

I Has a SNES Classic!

I Has a Super Famicom!

I Has a Xbox One! 

I Love Disney’s Dubs of Studio Ghibli’s Films. 

I Say! An Update! 

The Inconsistency of the Smash Roster

The Incredibles is the Best Super Hero Movie Franchise

In Defense of Big Hero 6’s Oscar Win

In Defense of The Hobbit Films

In Defense of Nintendo’s E3 Presentation

In Defense of Tomorrowland

Inside Out and Jurassic World: Proof That Classics Can Be Topped

Is Ocarina of Time Holding the Zelda Series Back?

I’ve Taken my First Steps Into a Larger World

June is Disney/Pixar Month!

Jurassic World 

Kind of/Sort of Hyped for E3 2016 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Impressions

Kingdom Hearts 3’s Most Appealing Element is Also its Biggest Missed Opportunity

Kirby Turns 30!

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Impressions

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Turns 20!

Liebster Award

Liebster Award II

L’Orchestra de Jeux Video Appreciation Post

The Lord of the Rings Turns 20!  

Magnavox Odyssey Turns 40 and Super Mario Bros. Turns 37! 

Mega Man 11 is the Real Deal

Mega Man Month (and Other Stuff Too!)

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Memories

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

More on my Super Mario Maker Levels 

More on Why Today’s Disney is Better Than 90s Disney 

Most Wanted Smash Bros. DLC Characters

Musings of the Dojo: Dora the Explorer Vs. Quentin Tarantino

My 2020 in Gaming (so Far)

My Complicated Relationship with Pokemon

My Eventual List of Favorite Video Games Will Happen (Eventually) 

My Favorite Games from E3 2017

My First Batch of Super Mario Maker Levels

My First Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

My First Trip to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

My Game of the Years for Every Year of my Life 

My Gaming Future

My Month in Movies (September 2021)

My Month in Movies (October 2021)

My Month in Movies (January 2022)

My Month in Movies (March 2022)

My Month in Movies (April 2022)

My Opinions on the Oscar Nominees

My Second Trip to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Ni no Kuni Turns 10! *New*

Nintendo 64 Turns 20!

Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64’s 26th US Anniversary

Nintendo NX Revealed as Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch Hype is Real

Nintendo Switch: One Year Later

Nintendo Switch Turns 3!

Nintendo Switch Turns 5!

Nintendo Wii Turns 10! 

Nintendo Wii Turns 15!

November is Animation Month 

Now is (Finally) the Time for Geno to Join Super Smash Bros.

The Obligatory “Coming Soon to the Dojo” Update for November 2019

Once Again, A Most Necessary Update

One Year of Super Mario Maker

Paper Mario Memories

Paper Mario: The Origami King Impressions

Pikmin Turns 20!

Pixar Month Continues

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You Shows the Good in Nostalgia

Praising a Nintendo Game Doesn’t Equate to Bias

Quick Thoughts on Captain America: Civil War

Random Statistics From my Game of the Years

Red Ash’s Kickstarter Troubles 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Impressions

Rediscovering Dark Souls

Reflecting on my Time at E3 2018

Replaying: Dark Souls III

Replaying: Dark Souls Remastered

Replaying: Super Mario 3D World

Replaying: Super Mario 64

Responding to Blogging Awards + Fun Facts

The Return of Bringing Up my Eventual List of Favorite Video Games of All Time

RIP Isao Takahata

RIP Satoru Iwata 

RIP Stan Lee

RIP Stephen Hillenburg

Screw It, Inside Out is a 10 

Second Thoughts

September is Super Mario Month

Simon Belmont and King K. Rool in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

So… About My List of Favorite Video Games

Some Scoring Changes (Hopefully for the Last Time)

Something About 10/10s, Best and Favorite Games

Something About Mario RPGs

So Much Mario Goodness!

Sonic the Hedgehog Turns 30! (And Nintendo 64 Turns 25!)

Spider-Man (PS4) Delivers

Spirited Away and Me

Spirited Away’s 20th US Anniversary

Spirited Away Turns 20!

Star Fox Zero Impressions

Star Wars Day 2016

Star Wars Day 2017: Why We Love Star Wars

Star Wars Day 2018

Super Mario Galaxy Turns 10!

Super Mario Galaxy Turns 15! *New*

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Turns 10!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Turns 12!

Super Mario Maker: A Dream Come True 

Super Mario Maker 2’s Final Major Update Looks Amazing!

Super Mario Odyssey’s First Anniversary

Super Mario Odyssey’s 5th Anniversary! *New*

Super Mario Odyssey Impressions

Super Mario RPG Turns 24!

Super Mario RPG Turns 26!

Super Mario Sunshine: The Mario That Should Have Been More

Super Mario World and Super Nintendo Turn 30!

Super Nintendo Turns 25!

Super Nintendo Turns 30 (in North America)

Super Smash Bros. Disappointment…

Super Smash Bros. Has Lost its Heart

Super Smash Bros. Really Needs More Donkey Kong Characters

Ten Years of Dark Souls

Thanks for Proving my Point (I Guess?)

The Times They are a (Really) Changin’!

Things Breath of the Wild 2 Should Learn from Elden Ring

Thoughts on Disney and Pixar’s Upcoming Animated Films 

Thoughts on IGN’s Top Video Games of All Time List

Thoughts on IGN’s Top Video Games of All Time List (2018 Edition)

Thoughts on Today’s Nintendo Direct (9/23/2021)

Totally Hyped for Ni no Kuni II

Toys ‘R’ Us Memories

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Impressions

The Video Game Movie Curse is Lifted (Sort of)!

WakuWafu Award

Warning: Positivity Approaching!

What Makes a Game a 10?

What Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Needs to live up to its name

What’s the Word on My Favorite Video Games List?

Where My 2016 Awards At? (Also Something About Undertale)

Why All the Bad Games Lately? 

Why Are There Two Splatoon 2 Reviews?

Why Back to the Future Part 2 is One of the Best Sequels Ever

Why Elsa Should NOT Have a Girlfriend

Why Frozen 2 Must Deliver the Goods

Why Kingdom Hearts Fails at Storytelling

Why Kylo Ren is Great

Why The Force Awakens is Better Than Rogue One

Why The Pixar Theory is Really, Really Stupid

Why the Wii U is Underrated

Why Today’s Disney Renaissance is Better than the 90s Disney Renaissance

Why Waluigi Could Have Worked in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Wreck-It Ralph Turns 10! *New*

WrestleMania 33 Review

WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Review

Xbox Turns 20!

Yet Another Update on My List of Favorite Video Games


Yooka-Laylee Toybox Thoughts

You’re Wrong, Scorsese. Marvel Movies ARE Cinema

Zelda Wii U. All Alone at E3

Zelda Wii U Delayed Again!


4th of July 2019

4th of July 2020

4th of July 2021

4th of July 2022

Dawn of the New Decade

Wizard Dojo’s 2019 So Far (Q1)

Wizard Dojo’s 2019 So Far (Q2)

Wizard Dojo’s 2019 So Far (Q3)

Wizard Dojo’s 2019 (the Whole Year)

Wrestlemania 35 Review


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