Here you will find ‘Special’ posts here at the Dojo, such as my annual Christmas specials, milestone blogs and annual awards.


2015 Video Game Awards

2016 Movie Awards

2016 Video Game Awards 

2017 Video Game Awards

2018 Video Game Awards

2019 Video Game Awards

2020 Video Game Awards

My Favorite Film of 2013

My Favorite Film of 2014

My Favorite Film of 2017

My Favorite Film of 2018

My Favorite Films and TV Shows of 2019

Christmas Specials/Anniversary Celebrations

1st Annual Christmas Special/Anniversary Celebration

2016 Christmas Special/Two Year Anniversary Celebration 

2017 Christmas Special/Three Year Anniversary Celebration

2018 Christmas Special/Four Year Anniversary Celebration

2019 Christmas Special/Five Year Anniversary Celebration

2020 Christmas Special/Six Year Anniversary Celebration

2021 Christmas Special/Seven Year Anniversary Celebration

2022 Christmas Special/Eight Year Anniversary Celebration *New*


100th Blog 

100 Video Game Reviews 

200th Blog 

200 Video Game Reviews!

200 Movie Reviews!

250 Video Game Reviews!!

300th Blog

300 Video Game Reviews

350 Video Game Reviews!!

400th Blog

500th Blog

600th Blog

700th Blog

800th Blog

900th Blog

The 1000th Blog!

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