New Super Luigi U Review


New Super Luigi U is a strange take on the New Super Mario Bros. series. It was released both as DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U and as a standalone title. The gimmick is that it’s all built around Luigi. The under appreciated green Mario brother finally gets a sidescroller to call his own. Though it does feel more complimentary to NSMBU than it does a full-on adventure, it still provides solid platforming.

New Super Luigi U uses the same exact world map as New Super Mario Bros. U, but the 70+ levels within it are entirely new. The time limit is cut short to a mere 100 seconds, meaning that infamous ‘hurry up’ jingle will be heard as soon as you begin a stage. It makes for a more hectic affair than Mario’s usual ventures, and is sure to please those looking for a challenge, but it is perhaps an unnecessary change, since the courses here are already considerably more difficult than those found in Mario Bros. U.

The shortened time limit is also reflected by the fact that these courses are smaller, leaving them to feel more like quick-fire challenges than the more complete platforming locales the more famous Mario brother is known for.

To make things more difficult (and to give this game a little more distinction), Luigi now boasts his floatier jumps from Super Mario Bros. 2. Officially dubbed “Luigi physics” by Nintendo, Luigi’s gravity-defying abilities mean the green-clad plumber spends more time in the air, which might prove troublesome in the courses where you need to be as quick as possible. Luigi’s movements on the ground are also more slippery when compared to Mario’s, which can also lead to some accidental losses.

New Super Luigi U is definitely catered to seasoned plat former veterans. But for novices who still want to join in on the fun, there is a silver-lining. Nabbit, the rabbit-like thief from New Super Mario Bros. U is now a playable character in multiplayer, and is impervious to enemy attacks. It may seem like a cheat, but Nabbit is also unable to grab power-ups, and can still be killed by falling into pits. Nabbit serves as a means for beginners to learn the ropes alongside more experienced players.

New Super Luigi U may not have the weight to entirely justify a standalone purchase, but if viewed as a kind of super hard mode for New Super Mario Bros. U, it makes for a great piece of DLC. It’s higher difficulty and shorter stages may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will be something of a treat for those seeking a platforming challenge.



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