Rocket League Review

Rocket League

Sometimes, the best games are also the simplest. Such is the case with Rocket League, the 2015 indy title that can be summed up as simply as “soccer with cars…in the future.” But through its simplicity, it provides an incredibly fun and insanely addictive experience.

Rocket League really is a simple game on the surface. Two teams (orange and blue), try to hit a ball into the other team’s goal, much like soccer. But the players are futuristic cars that can jump and even drive up walls. Various spots of light appear on the ground, and driving over them fills up the cars’ boost meters, which allows them to temporarily increase speed when activated.

Different game modes include one on one matches, two versus two, three on three, and four against four (aptly titled “chaos” in the game’s menu). Additionally, it’s possible to customize some of the settings in matches, such as the physics on the vehicles or the ball. Extra game modes and events are added during holiday seasons, but otherwise the basic game modes merely consist of how many players are on their teams.

Rocket LeagueIn terms of gameplay, Rocket League is a pure joy. The vehicles control fluidly, and the physics and gravity effects make the seemingly easy task of getting the ball to the goal an intense challenge with your opponents, as the slightest bump can send the ball off course.

What makes it all even better is how accessible it is. Learning the basics of the game won’t take you longer than two minutes, and then you’re ready to take on the world.

Rocket League even rewards players simply for sticking with a match through to the end (though you gain more points for winning and performance, of course). With every game, you unlock a new customizable piece for your car, whether it’s new tires, paint designs, hood ornaments, or even the exhaust. The changes are purely cosmetic, as to keep the game balanced, but there’s certainly no shortage of customizable options (you can even change the color of your car for both blue and orange teams).

The game also looks and sounds great, with graphics that rival those of AAA titles and a surprisingly high quality soundtrack. Rocket League even gives you a very sports-like presentation, complete with instant replays every time someone makes a goal.

Rocket LeagueThe only real downside to Rocket League is that you kind of wish there could have been more done with the concept. As fun as the gameplay is, you kind of wish there were more game modes that did something more substantial than simply alter the number of players in-game.

While there may not be a whole lot of content, there’s no denying that what is present in Rocket League is a whole lot of fun. It’s accessible and simplistic, but through those aspects, it creates a deep sense of competition and sport. Rocket League is one of those games that will have you repeatedly saying “just one more game”Β after every match.



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4 thoughts on “Rocket League Review”

  1. I heard great things about it and it is nice to hear it is indeed that awesome. Sounds like a fun and simple game, which is what I need right now given my busy schedule. =P

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  2. This is the game I was trying to remember the name of on a recent podcast! It’s soccer mode from Excitebike 64 πŸ™‚ Wonderful to see the concept brought back and fleshed out. It was a great party mode on N64 but very limited and undeveloped, just a minigame really.

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