My First 150 Reviewed Video Games…Ranked!

At least one-hundred and fifty, or more to see! To be a Pokemon master is my destinyyy!

That’s right, the Dojo has finally amassed one-hundred and fifty video game reviews! All of which were written by yours truly, of course. Perhaps one day I’ll sucker in some poor souls to help me write this stuff.

Anyway, with these one-hundred and fifty video game reviews, I figured it would be a fun idea to rank each and every last one of those games from least to greatest. While we’re at it, I wonder if anyone can find a way to make a Pokerap parody out of these games?

I’ll keep this introduction short since we have a lot of games to cover. For my full reviews of each game, just check out the Game Reviews page.

Before we move on to the rankings, keep these little notes in mind.

  • Games are ranked by the score I gave them in their respective reviews. Each number scored is akin to its own category, so a game that scored an 8.0, for example, will be weighted against all the other 8.0 games. The list will begin with the lowest score of 1, and will gradually get higher as each game within each score gets better and better.
  • These games are all ranked by personal taste and how well I think they hold up. Things like historical significance and the like don’t matter here at all.
  • This is not my long-promised list of favorite video games (if it were, why would I be putting the games I graded badly on here?). Some of my favorite games do appear here towards the top of course, and may give you a sneak peak into my upcoming favorites of all-time list. But said favorites of all-time list will be happening at a later date, after I’ve reviewed even more games and stuff.
  • The top four are basically interchangeable. Don’t hold it against me if I say something that contradicts this list later.

That’s really all you need to know. Now, let’s see how these 150 games stack up against each other!


150: The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

It’s a platform game where you fall through the platforms, and one of the characters can’t jump. Need I say more?


149: Superman (Nintendo 64)

Superman 64

Please stop making me fly through rings!


148: Batman Forever

Batman Forever

Abominable controls. You press up slightly before you press the select button to shoot a grappling hook straight up. Yeah…


147: Lester the Unlikely

Lester the Unlikely

Worst video game character ever.


146: Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero N64

More abominable controls. It’s downright painful to play.


145: Shaq Fu

Shaq Fu

It’s a fighting game where you play as Shaq, you travel to another dimension, and fight a bunch of weird characters to save some kid or something.


144: Mario’s Time Machine

Mario's Time Machine

Oh boy, I always wanted to play a Mario game where you have to do homework!


143: Mario is Missing

Mario is Missing

Marginally better than Mario’s Time Machine.


142: South Park (Nintendo 64)

South Park

Acclaimed television series. Awful first-person shooter.


141: Rugrats Scavenger Hunt


Take Mario Party, then remove all of the fun and all of the Mario characters, and replace it with the Rugrats. There you go. Rugrats Scavenger Hunt.


140: Rabbids Land

Rabbids Land

Take Mario Party, then remove all of the fun and all of the Mario characters, and replace it with the Rabbids. There you go. Rabbids Land.


139: Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M

One of the worst first-party games to ever appear on a Nintendo console, and without a doubt the worst Metroid game ever. At least Samus is still smokin’.


138: ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay

ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay

Get it? ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay! Like Terminator 2: Judgement Day! Hahahahaha! Yeah…this is a bad fighter.


137: ClayFighter


It’s basically the same as ClayFighter 2, but since this one made the mistakes first instead of repeating them, it’s slightly, slightly more forgivable.


136: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

A lot of people still hold Turok on N64 in high regard. But take off the nostalgia goggles for even a moment and it’s obvious that the game has aged like milk. The controls are just awful.


135: WCW/nWo Revenge


Another N64 title that has aged poorly. But at least here you can rename Bill Goldberg something like “Mr. Fluffy Bunny Pants.” So that’s something…


134: ClayFighter 63 1/3

ClayFighter 63 1/3

At least there are combos this time.


133: Castlevania Judgement

Castlevania Judgement

Maria’s storyline involves her wanting bigger boobs. And the controls are horrible. Thank heavens for the music!



132: Limbo


Just keep going right. And that’s it. But hey, it’s indie and has “atmosphere” so… OHMIGOSHARTISTICMASTERPIECE10/10!!1!


131: ElectroPlankton


A game all about making sounds…and you can’t even save the sounds you make. Also, it spawned the worst Smash Bros. stage ever.


130: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Self-aggrandizement at its most blatant. Ill-conceived social commentaries make up for generic gameplay, right?


129: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Sticker Star

If you don’t count the aforementioned “edutainment” titles as real Mario games, then Paper Mario: Sticker Star may be the worst real Mario game out there, considering it gutted the Paper Mario formula of all its depth and replaced it with a battle system that’s tedious, boring and pointless.


128: Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of the Empire

It probably seems like I pick on N64 games at this point. But I’m sorry, many of them just don’t hold up. I loved Shadows of the Empire as a kid, but playing it now it just feels like a clunky mess. And don’t get me started on those pitch black areas.


127: Mickey Mania

Mickey Mania

Surprisingly fluid animation can’t make up for boring gameplay and uninspired level design.


126: Mortal Kombat 4

Mortal Kombat 4

Those cutscenes sure are hilarious.


125: Yoshi’s Story

Yoshi's Story

Considering that Yoshi’s Island is one of the greatest video games of all time, the fact that its sequel, Yoshi’s Story, could best be described as shallow, boring and mediocre make it one of Nintendo’s biggest blunders.


124: Game & Wario

Game & Wario

The reason why WarioWare works is because it gives players hundreds of microgames to play in quick succession for a hilarious bit of gaming nonsense. So why the Wii U installment, titled Game & Wario, decided to ditch that idea in favor of a small handful of slightly larger mini-games with little replay value is anyone’s guess.


123: ZombiU


A prime example of a good concept gone flat.


122: Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9

Possibly the most disappointing video game of all time.


121: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is awesome, and I’m happy that the first three games will be getting remade for the PS4. With that said, the original Crash Bandicoot has not aged well, mainly due to the convoluted saving system. Hopefully the PS4 remake works out those kinks. Thank goodness the PSOne sequels still hold up.



Author: themancalledscott

Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining, the man called Scott is an ancient sorcerer from a long-forgotten realm. He’s more machine now than man, twisted and evil. Or, you know, he could just be some guy who loves video games, animations and cinema who just wanted to write about such things.

25 thoughts on “My First 150 Reviewed Video Games…Ranked!”

  1. Oh Superman 64… *shudders* My friend and I made our own mini game. We would see who could throw a boxy car and catch it before it hit the ground. It was at least more entertaining than those endless rings.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on 150 Reviews! And kudos to you for ranking them all! I can say with certainty that your top 5 are excellent choices! Most of those are among my top 10 or even top 5. Other than that, your list is pretty good. I’m impressed you put a little blurb after each one. Now that’s dedication! Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I was really happy I got around to doing this, because as I got closer to 150 game reviews, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to write all of this down. But I like to make sure I have some decent content on this site, so I thought this was too fun of an idea to pass up on.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the 150 reviews mate! It’s quite the feat! And I completely agree with Super Mario Galaxy 2 being placed as your contemporary number 1! That game is the embodiment of perfection. Interesting to see that you enjoyed Dark Souls III over bloodborne! I must say, now that I’ve been playing dark souls III, I am throughly enjoying, although it doesn’t have that nuance that Bloodborne did for me as it was my first Souls-esque experience, but nonetheless, Dark Souls III is excellent thus far. Anyway just wanted to let you know that all your hard work is appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually flip-flopped quite a bit between Galaxy 2 and DKC2 for the top spot. Like I said, the top few are pretty interchangeable… Same goes for Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. Honestly, depending on when you ask me, my answer could be different as to which one is better. Glad you’re enjoying Dark Souls 3!

      Man, I even flip-flopped with putting Mario 64 and Tropical Freeze in the top 5. I’m still not sure whether I made the right choice, but I just went with the fact that 64 has held up so well for so long.

      As always, thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well for me personally, it would always be Galaxy 2 if I had to choose between the two. Dark Souls III definitely has a leveled sense of variance that Bloodborne just can’t match and while I prefer the gothic Victorian aesthetic of Bloodborne, the Kingdom of Lothric is admittedly more varied and diverse. I’m glad I decided to give it a go, otherwise I would’ve missed out on one of the best games this year! Oh geez I still have to play Mario 64. I still haven’t rectified that. And also Banjo Kazooie. I’ll be sure to catch up on my classics after I finish Dark Souls. Would you recommend the DS version of Mario 64 or should I just go with the virtual console version?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Definitely play the Virtual Console version of Mario 64. The DS version may have multiple characters and more stars/missions, but they aren’t always well implemented, and the controls leave a lot to be desired. The original still holds up, however.

        Dark Souls 3 is definitely my Game of the Year so far. There are still a few more months of 2016 to go, but I don’t see anything dethroning it with Yooka-Laylee and Breath of the Wild being delayed. 😛

        Galaxy 2 and DKC2 are two of maybe four “2s” that I would give perfect 10s (I’ll leave you guessing on the others for now). Honestly, both are in my top 5. But I’m spoiling too much of my favorites list. So let’s leave things there…


  4. Congratulations! I myself just reached 50 reviews, so I can feel a true sense of accomplishment too.

    I’m not surprised Wizard of Oz ended up at the bottom; it’s pretty atrocious from what I’ve seen of it. I’d say Metal Morph is easily the worst game I’ve reviewed so far; Deadly Towers was at least vaguely passable when it was released and Where’s Waldo is bad in the sense that it’s just completely boring. They’re abysmal, but not on the same level as Metal Morph. If you’re ever looking for another awful game to play through, you could give that one a try.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations on your 50th review! Keep up the great work!
      Wizard of Oz might be the worst game I’ve ever played…unless Tiger handhelds count (so many haunting memories).
      I might check out some of those games sometime, though I’m not exactly jumping to do so. I’ve always wanted to try out Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties and Big Rigs as well. I don’t know why.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! Here’s hoping it doesn’t take me too long to reach the 200 mark.

      It’s always hard to argue placing anything above Galaxy 2, though I honestly flip-flopped with it and DKC2 for a long while before posting this.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on 150 reviews! I feel like I’m very late to your review party since I’ve only been a part of this site for a short time, but I’ll definitely do some backpedaling through your site to read some of these in the future. It’s so nice to see all your hard work organized right in front of you, I’m sure. Looking forward to more!

    Is it awful that I’ve only played two games out of your top 5? Clearly I’ve been missing out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy all the reviews and such.

      Don’t feel too bad about only playing a couple of the highest-ranked games here, that just means you’ll be able to experience the others for the first time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve gotta be honest and say I liked Game & Wario, managed to have quite a lot of fun with that. Some edgy choices near the bottom with Bioshock Infinite and Limbo, some people would get angry. I wouldn’t, because I haven’t played them. And why did you play as much as 3 KlayFighters games — and the Superman game!?

    But, I mean, Castlevania Judgement looks pretty good…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wonderful 101 and Lego City Undercover look great! And New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Tennis Open are both good games. They both take the formula of the former games in their series and whilst simplifying it make the gameplay tighter than ever before – and not too simple to remove the enjoyment factor.

    This is Reuben, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m sorry, but Rayman Legends is way too low. The art and the sound are the best in any game for me, and it’s platforming and multiplayer genius. It’s only held back by the fact it doesn’t feel quite as complete a package as Origins. How could it just be a 7.5!?


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